02/02/10 – Cintas submitted paperwork for a change order cost to the JC work for 2010 based on building count inaccuracies. TEI may review? No word on Tony on what he needs.

12/31/09 – The only development aside from all contract being approved is that JCI will not agree to the contract published with the project. The Admin bldg is going to have to be inspected outside the scope of this project. TTC recommended Hamco take out a change order on SA Communale contract and get them to do the building for 2009. A separate agreement will have to be reached with one of our vendors to get the 2009 testing complete. Tony is working on final contracts.

09/11/09 – TTC sent final contracts to Tony for delivering to Kerry for review. We have 5 contracts on this job and everything is under budget. SA Communale got most of the buildings, Cintas, JCI and Simplex each got one of the buildings.

08/25/09 – Addendums 1-5 have been sent out and extended the bid to Sept 4. One company protested the bid and forced Addendum 5 and we published the actual service contract with the last addendum for their use.

07/29/09 – We have collected almost all of the building summary sheets for the project back from the building managers. TTC & DPC are working on the new spec, combined bid forms, etc for the large Addendum.

07/15/09 – Addendum 01 went out to bidders and extended the bid opening date to August 19th.

06/23/09 – Today was the first prebid meeting and it was less than stellar. The addendum on this project will be quite large and we have to get better equipment counts in all the buildings. The printouts that were provided do not have all the equipment the contractors want to see for an accurate bid. We will most likely extend the bid opening by one month, detail the scope of work better, combine the bids, rework the building summary sheets, take combined bids for better pricing, add an alternate for the five year required testing and add an alternate for the County workers to self perform all the weekly and monthly testing.