07/29/20 – SOSS received for these projects. TTE already about 75% done updating the specifications. We have updated three buildings with new Fire Alarm inventories (A&D, Courthouse).
08/26/20 – TTC to finalize testing manuals this week for Tony review.
09/18/20 – Finalized all documents this week, went over project specifics and update the manuals. Got two new ITB and issued for bidding today. Prebid 9/29 and Bid Opening 10/14.
10/06/20 – Addendum 1 issued. Bid extended to 10/28.
10/08/20 – Addendum 2 issued.
10/23/20 – Addendum 3 Issued. Bid extended to 11/04.
10/28/20 – Questions Due.
10/29/20 – Addendum 4 issued.
12/04/20 – TTC reviewed final contracts several times prior to signature by the contractor. TTC participated in research on the bid documents and called the vendor for a post-bid interview prior to recommending this work. At this time the project is set to be awarded to SA Comunale for both Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression.
12/30/20 – Project to be Archived.