05/29/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
06/01/17 – GBBN contacts ARC to confirm rough printing cost reimbursable costs.
06/05/17 – GBBN authors and provides Hamilton County with a SOSS.
07/11/17 – GBBN is notified by Facilities that printing of the binders will be delayed. GBBN notifies ARC of the same information.
09/22/17 – GBBN is contacted by ARC Reprographics regarding the timetable for this project scope. GBBN to inquire during Partnering Meeting as to the timetable and report back to ARC.
1/22/18 – Facilities sends all Front End Summary Sheets to GBBN for inclusion into the binders.
1/29/18 – Pick-up of binders, CD and other materials by ARC for Binder Assembly.
02/23/18 – ARC delivers entire package of binders to GBBN.  GBBN delivers to Facilities the same day.
3/15/18- Facilities issues solution for Reimbursable Expense distribution.