Project Lead: GBBN
05/24/17 – Original Project Request Estimate list is issues to Partners at Partnering meeting.
05/29/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
06/01/17 – GBBN has in-house meeting to discuss LEED EB+OM Estimates.
06/02/17 – GBBN forwards LEED EB+OM suggestions to other partners.
06/05/17 – GBBN meets with Planning and Development Staff to discuss Burlington Road Expansion Request.
06/05/17 – GBBN authors and provides Hamilton County with a SOSS.
06/07/17 – Facilities forwards a vendor quote for use in Project Request Estimate #1891.
06/09/17 – Facilities contacts GBBN to add another estimate to the list (#1944).
06/12/17 – GBBN calls THP to discuss combined estimates and dates for background presentations. Facilities instructs GBBN and IPM to discuss and clarify all scopes of work that are separate from the Project Request Estimate included in this list.
06/13/17 – GBBN and TEI have meeting at GBBN to discuss combined project estimates. Facilities confirms which elevators are included in the Project Request Estimate #1932.
06/13/17 – Facilities contacts GBBN to add another estimate to the list (#1945).
06/15/17 – TEI sends GBBN a rough sketch and area identification plan for the JCC Security Booth Project Request Estimate.
06/16/17 – GBBN and TEI meet at the JCC Lobby to discuss Security Booth Project Request Estimate.
06/19/17 – GBBN sends TEI Floor Plan drawing for review.
06/21/17 – GBBN and TEI meet for Design Charrette on Communications Center Expansion Project Request Estimate #1897.
06/23/17 – GBBN/In4 and Facilities have multiple discussions on the continuing problem of uploading digital photograph files into the Archibus CAFM Software.
06/26/17 – GBBN/THP/TEI agree with Facilities on approach for the LEED EB+OM Base and LEED estimate logistics.
06/27/17 – GBBN, IPM and Facilities walk the Courthouse Floors visiting all restrooms. Decision is made on which restrooms are to be included in estimating.
06/28/17 – GBBN sends drawing of applicable Courthouse Restrooms to TEI for their use in estimating.
07/10/17 – Facilities confirms the operator costs are to be included in the Project Request Estimate #1879.
07/11/17 – GBBN is notified by Facilities that printing of the binders will be delayed. GBBN notifies ARC of the same information.
07/14/17 – Facilities requests Estimate #1903 be revised to include four (4) sets of double doors and two (2) single stair doors.

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