11/10/16 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to arrange a meeting to discuss a new SOSS and project.
11/13/16 – GBBN authors SOSS and delivers to Facilities.

03/22/18 – Facilities initiates GBBN to begin using this approved SOSS for field verification at 230 WHT Law Center.

04/02/18 – GBBN confirms Facilities contact for initiating the field verification at 230 Law Center.

04/20/18 – 800 Broadway First Floor corrected drawing files were updated and uploaded to the website.

06/25/18 – GBBN files to be updated are attached to email to Facilities for the CAB 10th Floor West Suite.  GBBN makes repost and sends CAFM drawings to Facilities.

07/18/18 – GBBN visits 230 WHT Law Center to begin filed verification.

07/19/18 – GBBN revisits 230 WHT Law Center to finish field verification of locked spaces and rooms not accessible the day before.

08/02/18 – Facilities indicates the preferred final order of last two buildings to be field verified and uploaded.  The Courthouse is to follow the 230 Law Center.

08/27/18 –  John Gilbert, Building Manager, confirms all of the GBBN Departmental Allocations are correct.

08/28/18 – GBBN uploads updated drawings to website.

09/25/18 – GBBN and Facilities communicate about field verification scope for the Justice Center.  GBBN will field verify the Justice Center immediately following the Courthouse.

09/5/18 – GBBN emails Building Manager to request escort in building to begin field verification tours of the Courthouse.

09/25/18 – Facilities and GBBN exchange information to document the scope of field verification at the Justice Center Buildings.

10/18/18 – GBBN sends updated Courthouse Departmental drawings to Owner for review.

10/22/18 – Facilities and GBBN discuss scope involving AED and First Aid Kit documentation and review by Owner.

11/28/18 – GBBN to meet with Building Manager today to begin field verification efforts.
12/11/19 – Courthouse 6th floor numbering/room name conflicts are resolved.
12/18/19 – Parking lot updates to theBasement and exterior parking areas are completed.
01/11/19 – GBBN sends Departmental updated drawings to Facilites. Facilities confirms override completed.
01/14/19 – GBBN sends electronic deparmental and architectural drawing updates to Facilities for overriding of existing files.
01/15/19 – Courthouse updated plans in pdf are transmitted from GBBN to Facilities.
01/31/19 – Facilities requests additional outbuildings to be field verified. Building Manager contact information is shared.
07/05/19 – GBBN electronically transfers Updated Field Verified drawings to Facilities for 230 WHT, 800 Broadway, Courthouse and the Justice Center.
08/06/19 – GBBN meets Mike Jackson to field verify 250 WWHT, 264 WHT and 2611 Highland. GBBN confirms with othe Partners that no existing electronic drawing files exist for 2611 Highlands Ave.

08/15/19 – GBBN informs Facilities that Courthouse Room #205 Architectural updates/As-Builts have been completed. MEP updates need to be completed at this time. Facilities suggests waiting until the CAB, 9th Floor Computer Room scope of work has been completed with the Server Room project.
09/24/19 – GBBN only has 2020 Auburn to field verify and document any updates. Contact with Bill Scholl has not be initiated as of yet.
11/21/19 – GBBN meets with Bill Scholl, Building Manager at 2020 Auburn, to walk the building and perform field verification.
12/20/19 – GBBN sends revised Evacuation plans for 2020 Auburn to Facilities.
12/23/19 – Facilities indicates GBBN should renew County access badge to staff working on this project since existing badge is expired.
01/30/20 – Facilities confirms receipt of 2020 Auburn Wayfinding Sign transmission. Pushing to WebCentral to occur in near future.
03/26/20 – GBBN is working with ThermalTech to derive and estimating method for editing the website for As-Builts during an ongoing project.