01/27/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
03/02/17 – THP provided Hamilton County with a SOSS.
04/03/17 – GBBN meets with Facilities to review existing building drawing and specification documents.
04/20/17 – SOSS approved and delivered along with Purchase Orders.
09/13/17 – GBBN begins on this project and drawing research commences.
03/09/18 – Facilities transmits additional documents for the fire door ratings, including original construction documents, submittals and Door Schedules.
03/11/18 – GBBN sends first building inventory compilation to Facilities for review.    Facilities recommends door totals along the bottom of the inventory for simplicity.
03/18/18 – GBBN completes 5 of 6 building Inventories.  Justice Center is to be completed once Facilities locates original construction documents.

04/11/18 – Facilities confirms all sources for original construction drawing Door Schedule or Life Safety Drawing have completed without success in finding any.  GBBN is instructed to complete the Justice Center listing using their best professional judgment on fire door locations.

07/11/18 – Facilities confirms only swinging doors are to be included in listings.  Also confirms the Alternate Bids from original construction that were accepted.

07/13/18 – All six (6) final reports for existing fire rated doors is sent to Facilities.


07/16/18 – Facilities confirms the scope of work has been completed.