Partner Lead: GBBN
10/11/16 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to arrange a meeting to discuss a new SOSS and project.
10/13/16 – IPM and GBBN and ThermalTech hold meeting with Facilities to discuss new SOSS. New project is to design a prototype single-sex/Family restroom to be added new or a renovation of an existing restroom for use by the public. Intent is to determine any existing code requirements affecting this need and locations for them.
10/18/16 – ThermalTech sends proposed labor hours for MEP to GBBN.
01/26/17 – Study can be started with the goal of creating a unit box cost for creating these in a typical office space in any building. Specifics of putting these in each building can be done later. GBBN to determine how many are required in each building and where they may go (e.g. only in public JC bldg and maybe every other floor in 800, TBD by Architect).
01/30/17 – GBBN reports findings from the Department of Justice Technical Assistance Services. Comments related to requirements for gender neutral, civil rights, plumbing and local verses Federal Laws.
08/29/17 – GBBN completes two possible layouts and forwards to TEI for review. TEI provided review comments to GBBN and plumbing fixtures to use, Amer Std is the BOD for this project. GBBN will expand plan to section and keep working on this project.
11/30/17 – GBBN will send final layout to TEI and TEI will price up the cost to build this “inside the project scope area”. Ancillary areas not included in this estimate.

02/12/18 – GBBN completes drawing updates and entry in Archibus Project Request Estimate #1950.