01/28/10 – Bert Watts at monthly meeting discussed need for SOSS to be submitted.
03/08/10 – GBBN began editing LEED EB+OM checklist based on 2009 LEED EB+OM manual.
03/11/10 – Energy and Atmosphere webinar held in GBBN’s Office.
03/25/10 – Material Resources Webinar held in GBBN’s Office.
03/26/10 – GBBN internal LEED EB+OM discussions. Tony Yunker to be LEED EB+OM specialist LEED AP.
03/30/10 – GBBN internal LEED EB+OM discussions on costs implications to project and design costs.
04/28/10 – SOSS to be presented to Bert Watts at monthly partnership meeting.
05/12/10 – Signed and Approved SOSS returned.
06/01/10 – Meeting with Phil Babinec, specification writer, to kick-of project.
07/27/10 – Phil Babinec is authoring first protocol and procedural document for review.
08/05/11 – Set of standard specification Table of Contents generated.
02/28/14 –¬†Meeting with specification writer and Professional Services Group about scheduling for completion of this scope of work.
03/03/14 –¬†Internal meeting to reacquaint specification writer on project scope and deliverables.
09/26/14 – Phil is working on these to LEED Version 4. Bert agreed.
12/07/15 – GBBN re-engages the specification authoring. A table of contents and specification master is completed.
12/23/16 – GBBN has in-house staff meeting to discuss agenda for Owner Re-kick-off Meeting.
01/06/17 – GBBN holds follow up in-house meeting to discuss and review items collected as exhibits to share with Owner in next meeting.