12/12/16 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to arrange a meeting to discuss a new SOSS and project.
12/13/16 – GBBN authors SOSS and delivers to Facilities.
12/20/16 – GBBN receives approved SOSS.
01/26/17 – Bert says they will have to go into each building and look for building changes and update these onto the CAFM Archibus changes.
03/21/17 – GBBN and In4 meet with Facilities to discuss next step and phase of this project related to the County Administration Building.
03/31/17 – GBBN meets with John Gilbert to begin Field Verification of CAB all floors.
04/10/17 – GBBN transmits updated drawings to Facilities for purpose of mark-ups of Departmental Allocations.
06/15/17 – GBBN meets with Building Management to walk entire building and perform field verification at 800 Broadway.
08/18/17 – GBBN re-ran hatch pattern software on each CAB Floor Plan from CAFM. Adjusted plans were sent to Facilities.
08/23/17 – GBBN forwards to Risk Management Safety Department the GBBN modified Alms & Doepke Life Safety Plans for internal review.
08/24/17 – Risk Management Safety Department approves GBBN modified Alms & Doepke Life Safety Plans.
08/25/17 – CAB Chargeable Area issues discussed with GBBN/In4. Review of the CAB Plans were run and a discussion about Pro-Rated Areas and Space Managers commenced.
08/28/17 – GBBN / In4 responded about Chargeable Areas with updated Pro-Rated documents for Facilities’ Review.
09/15/17 – Tim Schuh, of Facilities, reports back that “Update Area Totals” are only run when the drawings are updated.

02/16/18 – Facilities sends email requesting 800 Broadway Life Safety and Departmental Allocation drawings be printed in pdf and sent to Facilities. Also A&D Departmental Allocations Drawings.

02/20/18 – GBBN sends all requested pdf files to Facilities.

02/21/18 – Facilities requests additional Chargeable Area revisions to the 800 Broadway Sub-Basement, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 17th and 18th Floor Space Allocation Plans.

02/21/18 – Facilities requests all of the County Administration Space Plans be revisited for consistency in Chargeable Area verses Room Area Breakdowns.

02/22/18- GBBN  sends 800 Broadway 17/18th Floor plan updates to Facilities.

03/21/128 – GBBN completes updates to all 800 Broadway on IFM.

03/22/18 – GBBN uploads 17/18th Floor updates to IFM with modifications to updated Departmental Allocations.