05/15/18 – Jack Randall and In4 meet with Facilities to discuss Web Central Drawing Publishing.  In4 is requested to begin SOSS process.

05/15/18 – GBBN creates internal Opportunity and Network File Structure.

05/30/18 – In4 drafting SOSS to be submitted to Facilities by 06/01/18.

06/25/18 – SOSS  is approved and delivered to GBBN by Facilities.

08/25/18 – In4 makes first push of publishing to the Web Central Website.

08/29/18 – In4 is completed with uploading to Web Central.  Facilities is performing a quality check on drawings that have been uploaded.
08/28/19 – GBBN continues to update percentage of line weights for publishing to WebCentral. No other updates at this point from the Owner.
09/24/19 – IN4 indicated Purchase Order and Invoice reviews are underway to clarify remaining balance on Purchase Order for this project. No other feedback from Owner related to uploading process.