Project Lead: GBBN

10/20/11- Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11- Facilities Department sens list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

3/30/12- Meeting with Tim Schue of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

4/05/12- Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

5/10/12- Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for ‘General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

10/27/12- Pinnacle Engineering sent ACM list from Archibus/BRG for purposes of designation conversion from Pinnacle report to Archibus data entry.

03/26/14- All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete with the exception of Hillcrest. Hillcrest report was completed before SOSS authored by GBBN. GBBN awaiting drawings and sample data from Pinnacle for input to final drawings and Archibus input. Final drawing input into Archibus/WebCentral is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14- GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion. GBBN also inquires about status of preliminary drawings for Hillcrest Campus so GBBN can complete the final drawings for insertion into final report.

8/29/14- Pinnacle Engineering sends invoices for services to GBBN.

10/29/14 – GBBN sends Tony Matre SOSS invoice status with all of the Pinnacle Engineering invoices included.

10/31/14 – GBBN pursuant to Tony Matre’s request sends letter of documentation regarding scope overruns.

02/20/15 – GBBN in communications with Tony Matre to finalize invoicing for these projects.

03/25/15 – GBBN still awaiting final invoice payment from the County. All invoices to Pinnacle Engineering have been paid with the exception of this one outstanding due to lack of payment from County.

04/09/15 – GBBN sends revised Invoice for final payment of design services.