09/28/10 – SOSS received. Design documents are complete and ready to be sent to County for review. TEI QC complete. Should be bid next week.

10/28/10 – TTC has to release for bidding. The job is ready to bid.

01/24/11 – DeBra Kuempel won the bid and we turned in a contract for approval. I am not sure of the current status. Confirm with Bert when the pre const mtg should be scheduled. DK should have everything turned in for approval.

03/30/11 – The contract is either approved or close to approval so we can start the work very soon.

04/27/11 – Bert sent the contract to Debra Kuempel and let them know that background checks should be gotten and given to Bert to start the project.

05/06/11 – Bert asked about background checks for DK.

06/29/11 – Kickoff meeting was held Monday. TEI is authoring the meeting notes. Work scheduled to be done late July or early August.

07/28/11 – ThermalTech returned all DK submittals on the project. No exceptions.

08/22/11 – Work scheduled for early September. DK sent a preliminary timeline for Bert to share with contractor. Power permit is being coordinated with Duke.

02/28/12 – ThermalTech is in receipt of the closeout documents that you have submitted for this project, along with a request for final payment. Per the requirements of the project manual, there are items that must be submitted prior to processing the final payments. Upon receipt of the following items, closeout documents can be processed: Notarized statements of warrantee, AIA Document G706 contactors affidavit of payment of debts and claims, AIA Document G706 A Contractor’s affidavit of release of leans, and AIA Document G707 consent of surety to final payment.

6/26/12 – Mike Barth spoke with Tom Helmes of DK, indicating that the Notorized warranty is the only item that is holding up the closeout package. Tom indicated that he would drop off the warranty on 6/26 for final processing. Upon receipt, ThermalTech will process the closeout documentation.