Project Lead: ThermalTech

02/22/11 – TEI received submittals on 02/15/12, and returned for re-submittal as there were many discrepancies with what was submitted. Project scheduled to kick off construction in approximately 2-3 weeks. TEI returned submittals on 2/17/12.

03/13/12 – MB spoke with John of ICS and asked where we are with this project. He still needs to re-submit shop drawings for approval before he can order materials. Submittals will be sent to ThermalTech on 3/14/12 and will be turned around immediately. Upon receipt of final approved submittals, ICS will provide a date that they will be on site, estimating about 2 weeks from approved submittals.

03/28/12 – Mike Barth sent approved submittals to John Volz. The following needs to be noted:

-Background checks need to be completed ASAP

-Anthony Matre is looking for the letter on your company letterhead discussed in the meeting re employees on site.

-We have NOT received battery calculations for the cabinets to date.

-A copy of Pre construction mtg 2 minutes were attached in an e-mail and a hard copy sent via US Mail. The hard copy needs signed and forwarded on to Anthony Matre upon receipt.

-We are in receipt of the proposed duration schedule. Please reply to all with a proposed start date (pending background checks), so Hillcrest and Hamilton County can get the information on their calendars.

03/28/12 – ICS will start ordering equipment and plan on starting installation on 4/16. The background check letter will go out today.

The following items are still outstanding and ICS will get information to Mike Barth by early next week:

-Battery Calculations

-Quote for 100 new cards

Hillcrest stated that the color orange would be the best to use for the cables.

05/30/12 – Project under construction. To date, 11 of 22 buildings have been converted to new Software House system. Tony Matre requested that individuals from Juv Court (Chris Hohmeister), Facilities (Tony Matre), ThermalTech (Mike Barth), and Rite of Passage sign off accepting installation as per drawings and specifications. This team is meeting on site on 06/07/12 at 1 PM to walk the project and sign off.

06/26/12 – Poplar cottage did not have the fiber module in the network switch. Mike Barth spoke with Mike Jackson, and according to MJ, Chris Hohmeiser had a Mr. Brisben (former Hillcrest IT manager) move the fiber module to a different building since Poplar was un-occupied at the time. Mike Barth requested pricing from John Volz of ICS to replace the network module. Tony Matre to review the pricing and give direction.

07/25/12 – Mike B. met with Tim of ICS and Anthony of ROP . They discussed the port issues and having several buildings on the un-secured Ian versus the secured Ian. Mike B. gave them 2 weeks to rectify the problem, and scheduled the final punchlist for the project on August 8th. They also scheduled the training on the system for August 14th at 9:00 AM. It is the intention that all punch list/commissioning items identified on August 8th be rectified by August 14th and all that will remain to complete the project is closeout documentation.

08/10/12 – The following list of items are still remaining for a complete functioning door access system:

1. Maple – side door-hinge has short in it. ROP maintenance to repair.

2. Cypress – Door contact issues, ICS to trouble shoot.

3. Chapel – Right side lower level door latch issue – Hardware issue – ROP maintenance to repair.

4. Chapel – Right side upper level door needs strike plate. ROP to furnish, ICS to install.

5. Evergreen – Bad card reader – ICS replaced.

6. Dining – power supply sticking – ROP maintenance to repair.

7. Dining – laundry room door card reader does not appear to work. Strike plate installed backwards. Card reader is working properly. ICS to correct.

8. Walnut – Mag lock over ride waiting for ROP to get ICS master lock core and cylinder. ICS to install upon receipt.

9. School – Card reader by room 305 not active. ICS to trouble shoot.

10. School – Electric latch by room 303D sticks. ROP maintenance to repair.

11. Admin. – Door between clinic and office. ROP to replace hardware to not allow passback.

12. Security – Install server in server cabinet. Presently door access server laying on top of server rack. ICS to complete.

08/29/12 – ICS is complete with all punch listed items with the exception of replacing the GBIC panel in Poplar cottage. ICS will install as soon as the card is received. ICS presently putting together all closeout documentation to submit for review and acceptance. In a previous meeting with Chris Neff, 2020 has the Maxxess system (similar to the demo’ed system from Hillcrest), and Mike Barth delivered the old system components from Hillcrest to Mike Jackson, who delivered them to 2020 for spare parts.

09/26/12 – Mike Barth recieved email copy of closeout documents from ICS on 9/26 for review and comment. Mike Barth will review and communicate with ICS any ommisions in the Closeout documents, and will get 3 sets for submission to the county.

10/26/12 -TEI received the closeout documents form ICS. They were complete except for one exception, the warranty that was submitted needs to be notarized. TEI requested for 3 copies of the resubmitted notarized warranty, which would closeout this project.

10/29/12 -Bert Watts informs Tim at ICS that the only remaining closeout item needed for the prevailing wages requirement was the afidavit, which was sent via e-mail.

04/24/13 – Mike Barth of ThermalTech contacted Tony Matre of HCFD to mention 11-month walk through of system, to determine if there are any warranty items that are needed to be picked up prior to expiration of the warranty period. Tony Matre to advise if the walk through can/will occur.