03/13/08 – TEI awaiting scheduling of suppression system test. Will witness on request.

03/09/08 – TTC sent closeout paperwork to DK and request for Credit on project.

03/05/08 – DK tested the electrical portion of the system successfully today. All relays operated as required. A test of the fire suppression system will now be scheduled by FES. This will need to be done when no cooking is occurring under the hood. A tank of ordinary air will be connected to simulate the suppressant.

02/26/08 – DK reported that this project is complete and ready for final fire alarm test. This is being coordinated through Hillcrest and MJ. TE may attend this final fire alarm test.

01/28/08 – We have received Payapp 2, O&M’s and an approved permit for this job from DK. MJ requested and TTC asked DK to setup a FA test showing the working components of the system. MH has the O&M’s to approve for this job.

01/08/07 – Earl Moon approved the project yesterday and TTC spoke to Kevin Broxterman today about the allowance usage and remaining allowance monies on this job. TEI will schedule a punchlist visit to the site and close out this project. TTC tried to contact Huntwork to do the punchlist today while he is on site with another job. TTC instructed DK to do as-builts and give them back to TEI for inclusion into the CAFM system. TEI will send an email outlining all the closeout procedure documents for this job. MD has requested closeout before next Monday. TEI finished the punchlist today and distributed this to everyone.

12/12/07 – MAH talked to Kevin Broxterman and the disconnects are scheduled to be installed on Friday. He asked if there had been any discussion about his using some of the allowance for this work. I directed him to Bert Watts while Mark D is out.

11/30/07 – The electrical inspector has an issue with the disconnect location because of access to the them over the equipment. MH went to the site today to review and find a new location based on our discussions with Kevin B at DK and Mark D at the County. We want to find a new location on the first floor for the disconnects. MH located a space behind the wall of the existing equipment. We will have to relocated the existing fire extinguishers, sign and fire blanket so everything can share the space but it appears very do-able. TEI is sketching up the photo right now for changes. The inspectors wanted the disconnects in the basement but the owner does not. DK submitted their first pay app on the job and TTC approved it for $8941.60.

11/13/07 – Debra-Kuempel has reported updates as well as Mike Jackson from Facilities. Debra says they should finish tie-ins this Thursday. Greg will schedule with IBI and IPS for inspections and fire alarm tie-ins for the end of this week or early next week. Greg of DK reported that they had no problems or questions at this time. MJ reported that the tie-in in the basement Rec Ares is complete. Also that the new disconnects for the steamer and the oven are complete. DK scheduled a shutdown last Friday on 11/09/07 and all went well. DK has not been above the ceiling in the crawl space yet nor are they on site on today. To TEI, this project seems to be going well. TTC will check progress with MH at TEI to make sure we are on target for this job and possibly schedule a field trip this week to check on progress. This field trip may be combined with meeting EDI at the site to discuss the AC installation and also for TEI to review the computer room installation that Facilities is currently working on.

11/12/07 – TTC checked in with Kevin Broxterman. Equipment is ordered and DK will be on site this week not last week to do the work per the schedule agreed to with County Facilities.

10/12/07 – Pre Const Mtg held and meeting notes distributed to all attendees. Super timeline crunch has been averted by Facilities passing the accreditation testing with the understanding that this hood system is being upgraded right now. DK will order parts and scheduled work very soon.

08/13/07 – TTC interviewed Debra Kuempel and confirmed their bid price was good. TEI wrote the contact and TTC marked it up. It will be in County hands on Tuesday for approval. The PO can be acquired at the same time. TEI will apply for the IBI permit on Tuesday as well.

08/10/07 – This project was sent out to bid on August 2, 2007. A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on site on August 3, 2007. This project opens for bid on September 3, 2007 and is to be completed by September 15, 2007.

07/27/07 – This week TTC & MH began working on the final design this week. MH visited the site for fieldwork and created the construction drawings. TTC is hoping that

05/14/07 – SOSS has been received and logged. TEI asked for a kickoff meeting around 05/28-05/31. We will await MD direction on this.

04/27/07 – TEI awaiting signed SOSS.

04/17/07 – MJ called to say that fan belts were replaced and airflow in the hoods is up significantly. One motor has been replaced previously. TTC is writing the SOSS for the report.

04/13/07 – TTC & TA met MD & BW at the site for a walk through and looked at existing conditions of the kitchen hood and electrical requirements. TTC found that the EF did not have any nameplate date on them. Airflow to hoods seemed low. MD requested traversing the hoods to confirm airflow.