08/08/05- C+R sent a preliminary project report to Hillcrest. TE to review and comment and provide updates to Spencer for inclusion.

06/16/05 – C+R, TE and HCDF had a follow up meeting at site to discuss layout issues. Spencer distributed possible floor plans for review. TE went over utilities that were underground and reported that electric, gas and water are all near the expansion area.

01/19/05 – Second Field trip to discuss cost and scope.

11/11/04: Zeiser Pay Application #6 to Sharon via Courier.

11/04/04: Zeiser Change Order #4 for Punchlist items 1.19 and 1.20, new door hardware, in the amount of 690.00 typed and courier.

LaForce went to site today to complete punchlist items hardware repairs. However, Chris was unable due to audit, to show them location. Chris could you please coordinate with Zeiser to a date you would be available to show them locations.

Cottages grandmaster key – Contractors are working on resolution to be presented.

Post caps for doors stops are in and ready to be installed.


ICS to complete punchlist including rewiring system. Please update us to the progress.

12-07-04 – New master keys are on site for cottages. Zeiser to coordinate work with Hillcrest

01-04-05 – Zeiser and Laforce to complete cottage level master rekeying. Work to start on 01-05-04.

04-19-05 – Cottage level master rekeying complete. School has accepted suggested solution for fixing the bathroom keys. Laforce has install the proposed fix and is returning to make repairs.

04-2-05 – Bathroom rekey complete however one issue still exists. Dining hall locks have a total of four cylinders and only two where replaced. The second set can be defeted but according to Dave Jones with LaForce this is not possible because of the type of lock. They proposed replacing the sets and provided pricing accordingly. County review cost and felt that it was not their responsibility because this proposed fix was only a compromise that remedy the situation. Upon conference call with Diana, Mike, Jeff, Chris and Dave fix was agreed upon. Dave with LaForce to complete week by 05/06/05.