Project Lead: GBBN

07/06/10- Attended Kick-off meeting with Tony Matre.

07/15/10- SOSS submitted to Bert Watts.

08/24/10- Met with Tony Matre, Mike Denton and Mike Jackson at the site to walk and review scope of work.

09/15/10- The Pre-Biod Meeting was held at Hillcrest. Meeting Minutes were generated to be issued by Addenda #!

09/21/10- Addendum #1 was issued.

09/29/10- The bid opening was held and only one bidder submitted bids. The Purchasing Department determined to have GBBN issue Requests for Proposals to invited bidders. Prevailing Wage Rates are to apply. Proposals will be received on October 7, 2010 at noon by GBBN.

10/07/10- Requests for Quotes due based on reissue of original but modified ITB. No RFQ’s were received. Owner instructed partner to reissue and to revise package to be a formal RFQ not a reissue of original ITB.

01/19/11- Delivered final RFQ bid documents and Performance Bond from Riegler Blacktop to Bert Watts for finalization of the contract.

02/10/11- Kerry Dowling requested a corrected Contract Bond from Riegler Blacktop. The original bond had the incorrect bid date listed. GBBN immediately requested the new bond from Riegler.

06/29/11- GBBN communicates with Riegler Blacktop about Prec-construction Meeting and background checks.

07/05/11- Preconstruction Meeting with Riegler Blacktop.

07/20/11- Riegler’s proposed schedule of work was approved with minor modifications to the area near the west grouping of cottages.

07/25/11- Site visit to review progress of asphalt repairs and the first day of sealcoating. Riegler confirmed the crack filling equipment was inoperable and henceforth the repairs were not completed.

08/04/11- Site Visit to review construction progress.

08/16/11- Punch list meeting on site with contractor. Contractor to return and address extra crack filling.

09/23/11- GBBN inquired about status of punch list repairs. Riegler confirms weather too rainy for repairs to have been performed.

10/14/11- Riegler reiturns to make punch list repairs.

05/11/12- Riegler notifies GBBN that retainer has not been paid. GBBN notifies Tony Matre of issue. Tony indicates Change Order needs to be processed as an invoice. GBBN and Riegler modify Applications for Payment to reflect changes.

05/14/12- Tony Matre informs GBBN that invoice has been processed along with Application for Payment.

06/11/12- Riegler notifies GBBN that invoice final payment has not been made by County. Tony Matre confirms payments made and invoice requested by County has not been paid.

06/12/12/- GBBN notifies Tony Matre of math error resulting in $600 payment still not made to Riegler.

06/19/12- Riegler inquiries with GBBN about payment issue. GBBN notifies Tony Matre of issue. No response received.