01/28/08 – This project was added late because it started before the website. After 4 years of futility, the County and ThermalTech finally agreed on a solution to the cooling and heating problems in the Security Building. Tony bought the new computer room ductless split system and County trades installed the unit. It is currently up and running and the space is doing great! EDI came to the site on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to install the AC unit. We had some unit problems as we received an AC unit and not a heat pump. Jeff did a great job returning the unit and getting the heat pump for us which amazingly was in stock at Habegger. We installed a 4-ton fan unit and 3.5 ton heat pump so that I could ensure full flow into the building since the ductwork sizing has always been a problem. The new unit and heat pack are up and running from the Carrier thermostat on the wall and the space has been 72, 74 and 77F when called to check on. Mike Jackson and I discussed the cold feet issues today and he is comfortable with the unit providing enough heat and said the space was 1000% better. I will recommend some radiant heating solutions to Hillcrest for their feet but I don’t believe that TE should have to pay for those. I believe this project could finally be complete.