09/28/10 – SOSS received and project out for bidding. Pre bid is Oct 4.

01/24/11 – Pre Const Mtg schedule for next week with Valor Construction and Indrolect electrical company. The County asked us to finalize a temporary design for power to the maintenance building that broke during the winter.10/28/10 – Bids are opened. Valor has passed their pre award meeting questionnaire. Contract has been sent to Tony for approval.

02/22/11 – Submittals are approved for the tank and sent back to Valor for construction and ordering. Indrolect submittals are approved and sent back. Indrolect has additional background checks because they are going to bore the new conduit under the driveway on this job. Valor has to come to HamCo to do their backgrounds checks. We notified Valor by email of this requirement.

03/30/11 – Contractors are on site and beginning work the first week of April.

04/27/11 – The old tank is out. The new tank is in. Valor ordered the wrong sensors so they have been reordered. IBI rejected the disconnect install so that has been reworked and TEI will pay for that and submit a change order for the all the engineering changes on this project under the new contract for Tony to approve. If everything goes well Indrolect and Veeder-root rep should have the Veeder-root and TopKat working on Thursday. Valor will arrive on Friday to put the interstitial sensor in. On Monday, Indrolect will arrange the final inspection and by next Tuesday everything should be complete.

05/02/11 – Valor has completed the tank install. All sensors are installed and wired. Indrolect is complete with all wiring and hookups but will be back to backfill the grounds this week. We have IBI permit tag in place. Reliable is on site programming the TopKat with Denton. Theoretically, the system is ready to use if needed. I believe all permits and inspections are complete. Now it is down to getting Veeder-root programming complete and making the TopKat communicate with the pump properly and that has to be coordinated with Denton and Reliable I believe.

05/09/11 – The new software is on it’s way and Gene from Reliable is on site working on comm issues. TTC spoke with Denton this morning.

05/13/11 – Michael Denton asked if any word on the software for the ball vent yet. TTC replied that Valor had been asked how to remove the ball valve with no response, but the software was on it’s way and should be on his computer before the 12 day test runs out IMO.

05/25/11 – Valor must complete punch list items and train on software.

05/31/11 – Valor will finish the punch list on the tank next week and get factory trained representation training for Denton. He promises to get this work done ASAP. Closeout documents are in process and may be at ThermalTech this week.

06/14/11 – Indrolect instructed to use May 17, 2011 for date on final paperwork. Substantial completion will be typed up by LKV.

06/16/11 – TTC asked Liam for an update on the following punch list items: Has the lip at tank fill been fixed? TEI will apply laminated tags for Valor if they can get the rest of the project completed. The ball valve has been removed. Factory training on the TopKat system needs to be done, asked if Gasboy will send someone. Local rep says he will get everything up and running.

06/21/11 – TTC and Liam spoke and the closeout packet is coming to TEI for final closeout. Liam believes the punch list was left with Denton and is complete except for factory training which Liam is currently working on. Denton had said that the only thing they thought Valor did last week was remove the ball valve, but Liam believes that Loren completed everything but training. Some confusion on who has the punch list and how much of it has been checked off completed by vendor and witnessed by Owner. If everything is complete, TTC will make a punch list visit and sign off to completion and send Tony all that documents that Valor is sending to TTC for approval.

06/29/11 – We contacted Valor again this week to try to get them to rectify the punch list issues.

07/05/11 – Valor called back today and said they would be down this week for fix the water leaking into the fill sump issue.

07/11/11 – TTC contacted Valor and Indrolect about closeout documentation.

07/16/11 – TTC Received a new payapp from Indrolect. Signed and sent to Bert Watts with closeout documents.

07/29/11 – Valor has completed punchlist work on the tank. We still need that extra training from the factory. Some water got into a fill sump again Denton noted. ThermalTech has to investigated.

08/08/11 – Valor payapp #2 for 15690 arrived but TEI believes the county will want to put this on hold for now, until water issues and training are complete. Tony Matre stated to hold the invoice until items are resolved.

08/22/11 – Uploaded Closeout Documents for Tony. PDF

08/30/11 – Still having some issues at Hillcrest with water in the fill and the training portion of the TopKat System. TTC would like Valor to check with Mike Denton to discuss these issues and a timetable to rectify. TTC should be copied on all correspondences.

08/31/11 – TTC has sent photos of the water issue to Christ Batch at Valor. Chris will also check into the training that was scheduled for 8/18 and they thought was completed. Chris will get back with TTC soon to discuss options.

09/08/11 – New OPW spill bucket has been ordered by Valor, should solve the water issue.

09/20/11 – Valor has replaced Emco bucket with O.P.W. The O.P.W. bucket lid is much heavier and does have a gasket. It is a nice install. The plastic was removed from the new concrete and the lid opened. The inside of the bucket was damp, but this could be because the work was done in the rain.

09/21/11 – Mike Denton says that the factory authorized training has not happened yet. It was scheduled but was never followed through with. This training is on how to use the TopKat software and reporting. The initial installer had never worked on the system before. TTC has asked Valor to please check on this since it is the only open item remaining. The sump pump was dry as of this morning.

09/27/11 – The supplier e-mailed Valor Contracting and stated that the training issue would be resolved within 24 hours.

10/05/11 – TopKat has set training up for October 6th between 9:00am-10:00am through Chuck Storey.

10/06/11 – Training by TopKat was completed today.