05/23/06 – TTC moved this project to the archive as all work on this job will be done under the fingerprinting ID project that is still open.

11/08/05 – TE heard back by email form Jill Williams and we will set up a quotewire job for this.

11/04/05 – TTC and Tony discussed including the purchase of the Dual Duct boxes today and decided to buy this box with the other 8 for Fingerprinting and ID. Trades will install these boxes.

10/28/05 – Prebid meetings were help on other JC projects but this job will be held for Trades to do work.

10/14/05 -Design is complete. TE will have trades do the work on this job to replace the existing VAV box with a larger box and redo the controls. No permit is necessary on this job.

10/04/05 – TTC & SRB have visited the site and discussed VAV options with Howard. Since this space is not part of the Dual Duct air handler, there will most likely be overheating and over cooling of the office during low load periods as the minimum setting on the VAV box is 145 CFM and the air handler supply temperature is reset based on OA and averaged room temperatures. TTC emailed Tony about just having the work done in house and having JCI do the controls directly.