03/23/18 – TTC met with John Nester and Andy Stafford about replacing the BFP at the Justice Center.
03/24/18 – TTC talked to City plumbing department and Blue Chip plumbing about replacing the BFP and what it would take. The city is not keen on downsizing the BFP at all and Blue Chip agreed they don’t need to be dual detector check but they do need to be reduced principal backflow preventers. TTC code research agrees.
05/21/18 – TEI Issued 30% review set and begins working on 4″ BFP replacement scenario. TEI sets up additional fieldwork on site for this project, TTC & RAJ.
05/22/18 – TEI puts together equipment cost differences after receiving Vendor quotes form Watts for this project. TTC and JN discuss bidding options. TEI to further design on 4″ scenario vs 6″ scenario for backflow preventers. There are two major issues with the first being if we need a full building shutdown to do this work and the second deciding if we are going back with 4″ BFP or 6″ BFP.
05/30/18 – Review drawings are complete and ready for TTC review but fitting to fitting work not complete by TEI quite yet in TTC opinion.
06/14/18 – ThermalTech create full 3D model to try to fit the BFP in this building without a building shutdown. Nothing aside form $20,000 in additional fittings worked so far. WE just don’t have enough room.
06/24/18 – We did a lot of design and fitting work this month on this project and confirmed neither 6″ nor 4″ BFP’s fit into the existing piping without shutting down the building and removing the existing gate valves which are not holding watertight. The team came up with the idea of changing the BFP model to a smaller skinner model with less flange to flange dimensions. We are still 6″ short of keeping the existing valves installed and reusing the old valves. Dan ordered a fire hose that we can test bypassing the inlet of the water piping to the filtration units, keep one set of valves and replace one set of valves and do this work without a complete building shutdown. This will be tested prior to bidding out this work.
07/26/18 – Revised drawings are complete and ready for review by County for Small Project Bid with latest BFP and bypass design included.
08/23/18 – Prebid held on site with five bidders.  Bids are due 8/31.
08/27/18 – Addendum 1 released to bidders.
09/27/18 – PO approved, contract over at Prosecutors Office for approval.  Project is moving forward.
10/23/18 – TEI to setup kickoff meeting with DK next Wednesday at 10am.  TEI to submit small SOSS for additional services.
11/27/18 – TEI returned submittals earlier this week and equipment should be ordered for this project.
11/07/18 – Site safety plan issued for this job. Equipment is ordered. Proejct schedule should be finalized shortly.
01/22/19 – HC checked in with DK on project schedule again today. So far background checks are in place and we are awaiting on the equipment to arrive to perform the work.
01/31/19 – We are shooting for 2/14 or 2/21 for doing this work. Prework will happen that week during they day.
02/21/18 – Debra Kuempel completed the backflow preventer replacement by 1:30am and had the city water back online and the building up and running. TEI was on site from 6pm to midnight for const assistance.
02/28/19 – Debra is performing the annual test on the BFP for the city paperwork, finishing the drains off the BFP and the insulator is coming down to insulate to wrap up the project.
03/27/19 – O&M have been received and approved and sent to County for closeout. Final payapp has been received and approved. No PW rates on this project to approve.
05/27/19 – Project completed and ready to archive. Annual test is complete and passed, good until next year. It’s working great.