07/12/05 – Final paperwork arrived today for this project. TTC copied the documents, signed the final pay application and dropped it into the mail for the County.

06/30/05 – Filter rack is fixed. Final paperwork has not been received. O&M’s have been delivered to the County via a hand delivery by TTC. TE contacted PHB today about final paperwork status. PHB will get out soon.

06/15/05 – O&M’s Received today. They were approved and will be held for final payapp paperwork. PHB should be down in the next day or two to fix the filter rack and then they will send in all final paperwork.

06/09/05 – PHB called to questions the $2500 allowance on this job because it was not in the contract. TTC checked the bid documents and the contract and PHB is right. The original bid of $24,400 did not leave enough room to add the allowance alternate without going over the $25k limit by ORC. We will now have to write a change order to increase the budget slightly to accommodate the newly added automatic air vents which are a necessity in a chilled water system like the one we are using at the JC. Final paperwork should be down to you in about a week.

06/07/05 – PHB reported that they would be down to finalize the punchlist about June 20 – 27 or so.

06/01/05 – TTC sent an email reminder to PHB to finalized punchlist and finish the filter box.

05/05/05 – Punchlist distributed to PHB. PDF

04/05/05 – TE stopped at site today to punchlist the FCU job. SBO did the site work. Punchlist will be distributed very soon.

03/15/05 – PHB requested a change order for the new automatic air vents. TE asked for the cost and will suggest the County accept this allowance usage as part of the project that wasn’t included in the original scope. We are awaiting a cost associated with this additional work. I can see now that the last payapp was approved for too much money because we have a $2500 allowance that hasn’t been used at all, but that is okay now because we need to pay for this additional work and that will come out of the allowance. I guess PHB didn’t break out the allowance as a separate line item on the schedule of values.

03/15/05 – TTC coordinated with Howard and Bernie since payapp only left $2300, TE wanted to make sure that controls and electric and vents were all installed and working by the end of the week so that TE can do a punchlist soon. TTC left a messages on Bernie’s cell phone.

02/28/05 – IBI Permit set in PHB hands. Fill up and startup of new FCU should happen within a week of electric hookup and IBI approval. Tentatively we could be looking at startup at the end of next week.

02/25/05 – TTC notified PHB today that the return transition is not necessary on this project as it would prohibit access to the return filters. The supply transition is being fabricated at this time and PHB should be out to install it in the next week or so.

02/16/05 – TTC checked on the status of this project today. Piping looks good. Insulation needs to be installed. Thermostat has to be installed. Unit has to be started. Pressure test has to be removed. Final piping must be filled and checked.

02/07/05 – Doug Turner was onsite making the tie-in connections over the last weekend. They drained the system and refilled it and made the tie-ins

02/02/05 – Permit has been applied for by Peck for this project.

01/25/04 – Peck was onsite to review project. TE is to provide stamped signed dwgs for permit and to discuss supply diffuser and return grille on fan coil unit.

09/23/04 – Bids Received and Posted. TE awaiting County’s approval to proceed with contract. See bid results below

09/13/04 – Bidding Underway