08/27/20 – BOCC agenda has these items on the agenda today. Rebid 9/3, Prebid 9/10, and Opened on 9/24.
09/24/20 – Five bids came in for this job. We are setting up the post-bid interview with the apparent low bidder. The bids did come in under budget and we are hopeful we can award the project.
09/28/20 – Post bid reviews are complete.  The meetings went well and additional follow up questions were answered and researched.  Recommendation sent to County by partners.
10/19/20 – City in receipt of permit drawings and examination fees for initial submit from GBBN and ThermalTech.
10/23/20 – Permit accepted by the City and uploaded to their online upload portal. This does not mean the permit is approved, it has just been successfully uploaded for review.
12/10/20 – Triton started submitted paperwork on this job and the safety plan was approved today. The project is progressing forward with early-stage work by the contractor, design team, and owner.