Partner Lead: TEI

10/18/13 – Small Project package Issued for bidding.

10/29/13 – Bid submitted by contractors, tabulated by ThermalTech and sent to Tony.

01/14/14 – Pre Const Mtg held with Peck.

01/17/14 – Submittals sent in by Peck.

01/28/14 – Submittal returned by ThermalTech FAC.

01/30/14 – PHB resubmitted pump package with larger impeller.

02/24/14 – ThermalTech check on status of order. No work back from contractor yet.

03/26/14 – TTC visited site to coordinate the leveling of the base of the pump vs the flange. After we discussed with the vendor, we are going to level the base, then provide a new flexible connector and spool piece as a change order to the project.

04/12/14 – Project is complete and ready for punchlist by ThermalTech.

05/15/14 – Punchlist scheduled in June. PHB working on closeout docs.

06/17/14 – Punchlist complete. PHB told to send in final payapp and close out the project.