07/11/19 – ThermalTech Issued SOSS-F-113.
08/21/19 – County issued SOSS and PO to ThermalTech.
10/21/19 – Project Issued for Bidding.
10/28/19 – Prebid held for project.
10/30/19 – TEI working on Addendum 1 questions.
12/12/19 – Project is in for contract and approval. County reports the contract is with the vendor.
01/21/20 – Pre Const held with Andy, TTC and Triton.
01/28/20 – Pre Const meeting notes distributed. CO costing approved by TTC to Marley.
01/29/20 – Triton sent in SOV, project schedule and submittals.
02/24/20 – Triton really pushing for background checks, Tony to check on Monday and let us know. Triton needs to get started very soon to have any chance of getting done even by April 15.
03/24/20 – Triton emailed today that the project has been put on hold for this spring and summer and it will be done in October 2020 due to the government shutdown and delivery orders.
04/27/20 – Material has arrived at Triton. Pictures were sent to ThermalTech for approval for payment of stored materials. Covid-19 has this project on hold for the time being.
05/27/20 – No additional updates this month due to Covid.