03/03/06 – JCI finished the upgrades on Wednesday. The original CD’s were delivered. Some work need to be done to fix what the upgrade busted and then a new backup needs to be done. Then Tony will pay for project. TEI told the contractors this by email today for JCI.

02/22/06 – TTC received final paperwork and approved for this job. TTC is going to approve and give to County even though final CD’s and backups has not been received yet. This is the only JCI project that remains to be backed up and CD delivered to the Owner. The County may at their prerogative continue to hold final payment on this invoice as they do not have the licensed software in hand yet. TTC has emailed Al Bell and has not heard back about getting final CD’s to Howard Seal for this job so I doubt Tony is going to release this money until the material is in his hands. Please let ThermalTech, Howard and Tony know when it arrives on site and please do this ASAP.

01/18/06 – Wayne Jackson reported that a printer with a USB connection would have to be used for the JC ADS server since no printer ports were available. TTC informed JCI that the County has already taking care of this item. Wayne said that he would have Mike Asbrock call Howard Seal directly and prescribe a safe and easy method for deleting the 93,000 alarms in the alarm container. The licensed CD and Backup still have to be provided to the County on this job. No remaining punchlist items remain.

01/10/06 – TTC emailed JCI about installing a report printer on this project and about closeout CD’s for this project.

12/14/05 – TTC emailed Tammy back at JCI to inform her that the project is not complete and cannot be paid until everything is done.

10/24/05 – TTC contacted JCI again about punchlist by email.

10/14/05 – TTC and JC have not seen any final punchlist from JCI yet. TTC contacted main office to get closure on this project!

10/03/05 – JCI reported that they will finalize the punchlist in the next two to three weeks. TTC told Howard about this schedule.

09/16/05 – TTC contacted JCI about received punchlist and trying to get a schedule for completion today.

09/08/05 – TTC contacted JCI and approved their final two pay applications but requested all the final paperwork and TTC has to send out punchlist immediately on this job. Punchlist has been sent to JCI and County.

08/08/05 – JCI Reported that VFD’s have been reprogrammed and are 100% operational. TTC to provide final punchlist on Tuesday, 08/09. When complete this will finalize this project.

07/21/05 – Tony called to say that escrow on the JC DDC project has voided App #14. JCI should resubmit App#14 for $20,921 and App#15 for $23096.00. TTC instructed JCI to send in all final paperwork as well as this project is complete except for the punchlist.

07/05/05 – JCI is re-sending payapp # 14 which appears to be correct. TTC reviewed and asked for 1 original and 3 copies. JCI and its electrical contractor are installing the bypass around the VFD’s. They should be done this week. At that point the project should be complete and TE will do one final punchlist on it.

06/14/05 – JCI prematurely sent a final bill into TE. B&J and JCI aren’t scheduled back onsite until 06/27/05 for the final phase or work on this job. B&J called today to say that all the sheetmetal is prepped for installation. B&J also said that two of the boxes were ordered as 6″ inlet and 10″ inlet but actual field measurements showed the boxes they are replacing are 8″ and 8″. TE approved the new sizes as they can be balanced to what we need in the space. JCI is on vacation

05/02/05 – B&J confirmed that all VAV boxes should be shipped the first week of June. TE advised the JC FM staff.

03/24/05 – JCI has automatic reports working for Howard. The new cooling tower sequence is the only project punchlist item remaining. All commissioning reports (hardware verification) sheets are in the as-builts. JCI will provide new as-builts to insert into set based on the change order work scope currently going on.

03/16/05 – New quote from A&M came in for DDC work at $12,091.53 for B&J Jacobs to do the actual installation. Since they were the original contractor, this would be great. TE can supervise the installation and just turn it over to Ed Braemer when we are complete or still have Ed work with B&J during the installation. I need approval from someone before we let them go. JCI reported that wiring and status condition has been wired from Task Force unit to DDC. Programming is complete and task is complete.

02/28/05 – TTC met with Howard, Peck, Debra and Langdon to solicit additional prices for the Dual Duct Box replacement at the JC. Quotes are due this Friday at Noon. I will coordinate with Ed Braemer on moving forward after we receive prices and we talk to Tony and Howard about authorization. In the meantime, I have asked Ed to call Howard to discuss reporting problems with the new software.

02/16/05 – TTC is collecting a packet to get Peck and Debra to provide a follow up price on the Dual Duct Boxes in the Sheriff’s Area. Howard reports that JCI is almost to the point where they are out of work.

02/15/05 – JCI gave us a price of $3557.40 to hardwire the VFD’s to the Fire Alarm Panels. Should or can we approve this work?

02/03/05 – Construction meeting complete. JCI to install final version of software next monday. TTC to gather additional mixing box estimates for AKM. Fire alarm issue should be hard wired through VFD’s so they can’t be overridden from the front end software (JCI to work on).

01/25/05 – JCI came onsite last night to work on 2 dual duct boxes in Sheriff’s area and to work out some issues with EDB. TE to follow up with HS today on status. Existing boxes don’t have accessible actuator shafts for DDC upgrade. We may have to improvise to modify them for retrofit. EDB, TTC and HS to meet and discuss if needed.

01/24/05 – Ed Braemer or Johnson Controls, calls TEI on required app doc and will follow-up with Tammy of JC to see if she has everything needed to submit the apps.

01/21/05 – Received JC Invoice for Application #13. The request is a 4 page Original Invoice form. Tammy of JC contacted and asked to submit Application on the standard AIA forms and that a completed Affidavit form should accompany the AIA forms.

01/19/05 – TE stopped at the JC to investigate the “howling” on the Stairwell Pressurization Fan.

11/09/04- Submittals on the VFD fans returned. Pay Application #11 returned to Ed at JCI. Both returned to JCI via UPS.

11/08/04 – Voicemail left for Ed Braemer regarding incorrect Pay Application #11.

11/08/04 – TE is reviewing the submittals on the VFD fans this week. They should be complete and returned this week.

09/23/04 – JCI needs County approval to begin. What is the status of the project. They are waiting on a go ahead from you.

New change order approved. Waiting to begin new work.

JCI has completed all phases of the project except for the cooling tower programming.

A new round of change orders has been accepted by the County and the paperwork is en route to JCI for signing.

Steve Steinkuhl to issued a final punchlist for the project by September 3, 2004.