09/14/18 – TEI and GBBN contacted about a possible study in an attempt to obtain a budget cost for the Design Services.
09/14/18 – GBBN made contact with Otis Elevator to discuss consulting assistance for the Modernization Study if it proceeds.
09/15/18 – Otis makes request for drawing files or any other pertinent information.  GBBN reports the County has not initiated an official request for design services as of yet.
09/27/18 – TEI drafted an SOSS for cost for Bert to review.  It will delivered at the monthly partner meeting.
10/25/18 – SOSS for study is approved.  We will take out a new Archibus number for the elevator study.  The old one will be kept for reference and used for data.
11/28/18 – TEI to schedule a kick-off meeting once all parties respond with their availability.
01/15/19 – TEI met with facilities to kickoff project and will have GBBN as sub-consultant for use on this study and report. Mike Barth will lead the project with the help of an assistance electrical engineer.
01/16/19 – GBBN contacts Elevator Engineer consultant to discuss possible dates for field verification meeting in Cincinnati.
02/26/19 – Pending meeting with Elevator consultant (GBBN working to get Scheduled)
04/02/19 – GBBN contacts Building Manager about vendor contact for future site visit. No contact has been made by vendor.
04/03/19 – GBBN coordinates vendor and Building Manager site vist for Friday, April 26, 2019. Vendor to have Study input to GBBN by 04/30/19.
04/24/19 – Otis scheduled to be on site 4/29/19 for final coordination walk though and determination of needs, and then will turn over findings and costing data to GBBN.  Report will be sent to AKM upon receipt of the data from the elevator consultant.
05/09/19 – Otis Modernization sends final report and Opinion of Estimated Costs to GBBN. Copy sent to ThermalTech.
05/20/19 – GBBN sends Opinion of Estimated Costs, for Elevator Cab Finishes Installation Costs, to ThemalTech, for inclusion into the final report.
05/29/19 – TEI and GBBN drafting the report to send to HCFD for review and comment. TTC confirmed that we have added cooling to the North Tower last year but not the South tower yet. We are looking to get temperature trends for these spaces.

06/26/19 – GBBN receives final design requirements from HCFD to complete the pricing and write up of the report.  Upon receipt of GBBN information, TEI will finalize report and send to HCFD for review.

07/24/19 – TEI and GBBN finalize the report and send AKM electronic copy for review and request how many hard copies that AKM would like for distribution to the HCSO.

08/27/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.

09/25/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.