06/15/05 – TE received final paperwork and change order signed for this project. TTC will be mailing it down to Diana with final balance report for HC records. This project is complete. The County is getting $3256 back on this job! O&M’s received and forwarded to County.

05/25/05 – PHB Jerry Govert called today to organize final paperwork. TE sent out a change order to recouple the $3256 in remaining allowance money. All final paperwork should be received in a couple of weeks. PHB should include the CO Credit with final paperwork.

04/22/05 – TE does not or has not seen final paperwork on this job. The balance paperwork was marked as received but no pay applications have been received. Please submit with all final paperwork for payment. Please provide all final paperwork and allowance usage details because we did us the allowance on this job.

02/25/05 – TTC ask Ken Shad to give me final paperwork and allowance change orders to wrap this project up today. He said that he would get right on it.

02/16/05 -TTC has requested all final paperwork on this project including balance reports. PHB sent to TE office on Tuesday. TTC to review.

01/18/05 – PHB stated that all work is complete including the 2 new 5 HP motors. The exhaust % increased by 18-20%. TE is awaiting all final paperwork on this job for closeout. Rick Ahrens will stop by to take a look at a motor squeal on Thursday.

12/27/04 – Howard reported today that EF-C1 has high pitches squeal. TE called Peck, but they appear to be out of office today. TTC will try first thing Tuesday morning again.

11/26/04 – PHB has acquired all existing cfm data from the fans. TE is reviewing to provide a direction to the PHB construction team. It appears as though the allowance money should be used to replace the motor on EF-D2 from 3 to 5 HP. The wire size is sufficient. The existing 3 hp bearings will be taken out and put on EF-D1 as that fan needs a bearing replacement. PHB reported that even with the duct cleaning there are still some security grilles that are clogged with dirt and the secure design makes them virtually impossible to clean out from inside the cell area. TE to advise how to handle this situation. Sam Boehringer will be reviewing submitted data on Monday November 29 at TE and then we will setup and onsite meeting to go over the project with the owner in the coming week. We have a $5000 allowance to use for these repairs.

10/15/04 – TE has contacted PHB about and updated schedule for this project.

10/05/04 – Pre construction meeting was held and PHB plans on starting in 2 weeks. Schedule is basically one EF per month.

09/20/04 – SOSS revised for additional Champion monies and will deliver on 09/21/04.

Champion provided duct cleaning on existing systems. Hired through ThermalTech.

Peck Hannaford & Briggs won the bid ($26,050). Base Bid, Alt 1, Alt 2 and $5000 Allowance. EF-C1, EF-C2, EF-D1

Contract written and being reviewed.