Partner Lead: TEI

10/28/13 – Issued for Review to Tony and Joe. Saving FACP for re-use on this project.

10/31/13 – Issued for bidding 10/31/13.

01/24/14 – Contracts sent to Tony Matre, waiting on approval from prosecutor to schedule pre-construction meeting.

02/25/14 – Contract in Phasor’s court to be signed and returned and sent to purchasing for purchase order. Tentative pre-construction date is 03/19/14 at 1:00 PM

03/26/14 – TEI conducted a pre-construction meeting at site with Joe Merkt and Tony Matre on 03/19. Phasor Electric submitted to John Nester the list of contractors to work on site with BGC, for approval. As soon as BGC are approved, work to be scheduled. Anticipate all work on site to be completed in one work day.

04/22/14 – All background checks except Matt Biederman have cleared. This project to commence immediately upon the approval from BGCs.

05/28/14 – Workstation installed on 05/21/14. At point of install – there were 2 ground fault troubles. Phasor returned to site on 05/27/14 to address, and Joe Merkt indicated that the troubles were clear from the panel. Phasor on standby mode to see if they return.

06/25/14 – Ground faults cleared on the system. Upon receipt of closeout documentation from Phasor, the project will be processed and closed out.

07/30/14 – The panel developed an earth ground, plus another ground fault appeared on loop 7, in addition to a mis-matched device on AHU-C7A, and the printer was locking up. TEI contacted Biederman and Matt Biederman, Phasor, and ThermalTech met on site to develop action plan for all of the trouble codes that are occurring since the upgrade to the 3030 panel. A module and a relay was replaced by Phasor (received from Biederman), and the printer program was modified, and bldg manager is now monitor the condition and report back. Joe Merkt asked Matt Biederman to provide a cost to replace the existing printer.

09/26/14 – Closeout documents being processed, no printer will be installed. Bert asked if ground faults was resolved, we said yes.

03/25/15 – Project complete and can be archived.