07/01/11 – SOSS is submitted to Bert Watts.

07/14/11 – Signed SOSS and associated purchase order received by GBBN.

07/22/11 – Sample Agenda for Kick-off meeting sent to Bert Watts

07/26/11 – Bert Watts returns comments to Agenda to GBBN.

08/03/11 – Kick-off Meeting held at Justice Center with Sheriff and Facilities.

08/03/11 – Original Epoxy Resinous Flooring samples delivered to Jerry Voss.

08/11/11 – Second set of samples with sand mesh variations delivered to Jerry Voss.

08/15/11 – Jerry Voss reports the final selection for the epoxy resin has been made. The original smooth version was accepted.

08/16/11 – GBBN conducted kitchen equipment survey for main kitchen and ODQ serving line.

08/17/11 – Communications with Mobile Kitchen Rental company and Andre Tudor held.

08/18/11 – Conversations held with CPS about possibility of using old SCPA kitchen or Iowa Street Bake Shop for temporary JCC kitchen held.

08/29/11 – GBBN meets with Jerry Voss to retrieve samples of epoxy flooring and to take some clarification dimensions.

08/31/11 – Conference calls with two Mobile Kitchen vendors to discuss potential units for use and technical requirements for utilities and installation requirements.

09/14/11 – Meeting with Epoxy Flooring Systems and Key Resin to discuss logistics and details for replacement of the existing quarry tile and installation of the new epoxy flooring. Requests made for additional flooring samples, mock-up and existing installations to visit by the Sheriff’s Department.

09/20/11 – Meeting with JCC Building Manager and Trades to discuss utility improvement suggestions during flooring renovations.

09/28/11 – GBBN and TEI meet with Duke to discuss temporary electrical service to Temporary Kitchen Unit to be placed either in the JCC South Parking Lot or the B&B Parking Lot.

02/23/12 – County requested change order to have steam manifold piping replaced behind the steam kettles so Trades does not have to work in this space during construction.

03/08/12- Pre-construction meeting with CBS held at the Justice Center.

03/26/12 – ThermalTech, Debra and MSDC settled on a drainage system that is compliant with current code and the Clean Water Act. We cannot use the storm catch basin on this job. A secondary plan was proposed by the county to pump the discharge to the county catch basin near the Sallyport. TEI will issue this drawing as a Bulletin to the project.

03/28/12 – Mike Barth and Spencer Johnson of GBBN met with B&J Electric, Duke Energy, and CBS on site on 03/27/12 to discuss electrical service to the modular temporary trailers. The existing abandoned wood utility pole (on parking lot side of the fence) is a duke pole, and Josh Davidson of Duke stated that Duke will remove the pole at NO COST to the project while the work is being completed. Mike and Spencer notified Bert Watts, and He stated that he would like to see the pole removed if there is no cost. This information was forwarded to the contractors. This will make the installation of the temp electrical service to the trailers easier.

04/04/12- Meeting with Kitchens-To-Go and CBS to discuss finish floor height of temporary kitchen and loading docks.

04/10/12- Bert Wats initiates requested Change Order items for repair in existing kitchen.

04/12/12 – P201-EQ-5 drawing was sent to Spencer Johnson from Terry Cannon stating it had been completed on 4/3. The only item he was not 100% clear on is where the Zoeller pump would be installed into if Debra had a concept about that. Whatever they wanted to do was okay with Terry but this shows the routing, material, and protection scheme Thermal Tech wants to use.

04/18/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order Request for temporary kitchen loading dock redesign.

04/25/12- CBS sends Change Order Requests #1-9 to GBBN.

04/25/12- CBS sends Change Order Requests #10 to GBBN.

04/26/12- CBS informs owner that Duke and IBI have approved electric service for temporary kitchen.

04/26/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order #1 for CBS.

05/01/12- CBS sends Change Order Request #11 for additional signage.

05/01/12- CBS sends Change Order Request #12 for additional plumbing repairs.

05/03/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order Request #2.

05/08/12- Temporary Kitchen Equipment training for Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Staff.

05/15/12- CBS receives existing kitchen to begin demolition work.

05/18/12- CBS initiate request for additional time on contract.

05/22/12- CBS questions response to RFI-3 for mixer electric relocation. GBBN and ThermalTech response in favor of original response.

05/23/12- GBBN meets with CBS to review existing mud slab condition in Main Kitchen and Walk-In-Coolers and Freezers.

05/29/12- GBBN meets with CBS and GILL33 representative to discuss options to specified deep fill repairs. Representative confirms modified epoxy deep fill specification is correct methodology.

05/30/12- Change Order Request #15 is rejected and GBBN directs CBS to proceed with original concept for WIC/WIF mud slab repairs.

05/30/12- CBS sends Application for Payment #2. Only one copy is sent along with electronic version and letter describing Change Order Request directions about delayed payment for time extension considerations.

06/01/12- GBBN visits site with Key Resin to investigate WIC/WIF existing mud slab condition.

06/18/12- GBBN meets with CBS/Wesselman to discuss existing mud slab repairs.

06/.21/12- GBBN meets with CBS to review mesh/chair installation before pour of slab replacement.

06/25/12 – TTC and SJ have visited the site multiple times discussing the work on the floor and hub drains. additional drains were discovered during construction and those outlets were discussed too. Basically we are following the plan that is set forth on the design documents and not doing additional work.

06/27/12- Change Order #1 and #2 authored by GBBN. COP #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 addresses in Change Orders including time extensions.

07/31/12- GBBN performs punch list review for WIC/WIF.

08/02/12- WIC/WIF Punch List issued.

08/12/12- Main Kitchen punch list performed at JCC Kitchen. Preliminary sent to Bert Watts for review.

08/13/12- Bert Watts sends minor revisions to punch lists and approves punch list to be sent to CBS after revisions are made. GBBN sends punch lists for Architectural, Equipment, Electrical and Plumbing to Bert Watts.

08/16/12- GBBN signs Application for Payment #4 form CBS and delivers to Bert Watts.

08/24/12- Bert Watts states the refrigeration trailers are now gone from the parking lot. Trailers are sealed and ready for transport.

08/29/12- Bert Watts confirms the trailers have been removed from the parking lot. One trailer unit remains to be removed.

9/19/12- Change Order #3 authored and sent to CBS after Bert Watts approves content.

10/10/12- CBS sends list of closeout documents for approval.

10/11/12- Bert Watts sends electronic version of contractor affidavit for Prevailing Wage Compliance to be added to list of closeout doucments.

10/23/12- Application for Payment #5 received from CBS. GBBN approves pending Bert Watts approval.

10/31/12- Response received from CBS and the plumbing subcontractor on the punch list items.