03/15/07 – All Closeout is complete. Howard is satisfied but JCI has a bit of tweaking to do on the sensors. This project is ready to archive.

02/28/07 – JCI dropped off as-builts and O&M and final payapps for this job. TTC to approve and send to Tony. TTC approved and gave to Laurie to send to Tony.

08/30/06 – Triton has all schedules for the proejct and are putting the submittal data together right now. They are not sure about having 8 or 9 vav boxes on their PO.

08/23/06 – Construction Meeting Held. Job should be completed in 60 days. Triton to provide equipment, JCI to provide installation power and controls. PDF

05/09/06 – TTC compiled the complete state term contract and will deliver it to Tony’s office in the morning of 05/10/06. TEI is sending 4 copies of the contracts, spec book, and 1 copy of the JCI bid documents.

02/16/06 – Tony asked for final contract documents to be sent over so he can move the project forward. TEI will have these to Tony by 02/17/06.

01/10/06 – JCI has provided all contract documents for a state term contract. Sam compiled everything and TTC needs to review it. TTC will then deliver to Tony for use on this project.

12/13/05 – TTC has contacted JCI numerous times about submitted an actual state term contract. Al Bell will work with Joe Schutte and get one prepared for this job.

11/08/05 – TE heard back by email form Jill Williams and we will set up a quotewire job for this.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below. The project bids came in over $25,000. Tony and TTC decided that the best way to get the job done at this

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held. Bids are due 11/04 to TE.

10/24/05 – Project is ready for TTC review. Prebid is this Friday at the JC.

10/14/05 – Project is ready for review and bidding.

10/04/05 – TTC & SRB have visited the site and are redesigning the dual duct boxes. We have contacted JCI about scope of Sheriff’s upgrade to use on this job. Drawings are done. Specs need to be finished and scope needs to be ironed out.