04/05/05 – Queen City Final Paperwork arrived at TE for review. TE to pass along to Mark Hardin soon.

01/14/05 – TTC sent out allowance confirmation with final instructions to Brian for project final payapp.

01/11/05 – Change Order Approved. TTC signed today and sent to QCM for signing. $8028.68. QCM removed 2 hours from the change order for miscommunication on the handle removal.

11/18/04 – Tiles are installed, Steam kettles are being installed by Peck, Piping is being finished by Peck, QCM will be down this evening to anchor the remaining leg holes. TE would like County to request second shift of Peck workers to complete steam piping so kettles are ready to go by 5 a.m. on Friday morning. Bernie is to call TTC back when he gets off the phone.

11/09/04 – The trench pour is not smooth enough to meet TE expectations. QCM said they will grind down to make smooth and backfill with sand based concrete to meet specs. Siemering is onsite prepping the floor for new tiles. Peck will be in next week to finish the steam kettles. The project schedule is very tight and Mark Hardin and Terry Cannon are trying to keep on top of items as they arise to meet the November 18th schedule. The kitchen should be ready for use on Friday morning November 19th.

11/08/04 – Epoxy on new concrete issue has been resolved. We have directed QCM to follow a new schedule. TE and County met Siemering tile onsite this morning to review the scope of the work. Floor tiles won’t be onsite until Monday 11-15. To accommodate this change of plans, the following new schedule is being incorporated into this project: QCM will demo forms 11-08, County will process Siemering background checks, QCM will provide new studs for kettle installation to replace the ones damaged during removal on 11-09,11-10. Siemering will prep the floor on 11-11 and 11-12, QCM will apply first coat of epoxy on 11-11, no QCM work on Friday, second coat on 11-13, attach stainless steel angles on 11-13, Siemering will begin tile installation on 11-15, finish on 11-16, QCM will install steam kettles on 11-17, Peck will finalizing steam kettle piping on 11-18. Project will be punchlisted by TE. This is our drop dead timetable.

11/04/04 – TTC visited the site. Things are going well. New schedule looks like this: 11-4 pour new trench let cure, 11-5 acid etch new conc, 11-8 apply first coat of epoxy, 11-9 apply second coat of epoxy, 11-10 start tile work, 11-11 complete tile work, 11-12 reinstall steam kettles. PHB will have to finish steam piping by 11-11 and we confirmed today with Mark Hardin that only condensate would be stainless piping. PHB can continue to work during the day while QCM works at night.

11/03/04 – PHB is on site doing steam work. QCM has found and removed the valve handle. The new concrete will be poured on 11/04/04. TE has received and is approving the Pitt-Guard Epoxy Coating (USDA and FSIS approved) for use on the trench surface. QCM is to follow the recommended installation procedures for this epoxy for proper installation including concrete preparation (acid etched or brush blasted) and pour the concrete so that it is self-priming as listed on the cut sheet. QCM is also to provide 3 vandal resistant floor drain covers on the existing trench floor drains and two stainless steel angles to support the stainless grating being put back in place.

11/01/04 – Peck reported that they are all set to begin the steam piping work and have coordinated with Tony about this project. They should be on site and ready to work in the next couple of days.

11/01/04 – Karen Draper from the City Health Department returned my call and told me that our plan to install smooth concrete with an epoxy coating in the Justice Center trench with vandal resistant flood drain grates. After my latest phone call we actually discussed the existing condition and the Health Department is very much inclined to approve our new design with the concrete and epoxy coating where we remove all instances of standing water under and around the SS trench in lieu of the concrete/epoxy hybrid. Karen said that any FDA or USDA approved epoxy adhesive and sealant will suffice so QCM can submit what they plan to do to TE and we will look it over and give it our blessing as soon as we receive it. QCM please also provide the stainless steel angle irons along each side to support the grating, attach with adhesive and i would recommend that anchors be installed in the vertical sides about every 6 ft o.c. to hold the angles in place while the grate will hold down the top. PDF

10/27/04 – QCM is on site and beginning work. TTC showed up at 8:00 to coordinate final details as all the important people took care of business from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. QCM must submit security releases for the coring company TODAY!

10/25/04 – QCM is ready to begin work on 10/25, they need approved security checks but are planning on being on site at 7:30 p.m. as scheduled.

10/11/04 – QCM delivered the project schedule and it was forwarded to MWH and HS. TE approved the timetable for mid November completion.

10/11/04 – TTC & HS are asking contractors to give a price for replacing the insulation on the steam piping behind the steam kettles while the system is down in October/November. TE is exploring a insulation base paint that can be applied. Hy-Teach Thermal Solutions is one site for this paint that TE found. We have calls into their engineering department for information.

09/24/04 – Notice to Proceed was given by MWH via a phone call. TE to setup up pre construction mtg.

Bidding is complete.