11/14/16 – Final Addendum went out to bidders. Bid opening is schedule for Thursday.
12/07/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/28/17 – No updates from Tony on approved contract.
03/09/17 – Waiting for kickoff on this project.
03/15/17 – PO and Contracts are ready, TTC requested meeting times from contractors and owner.
03/21/17 – We are ready to have the kickoff meeting for this project.
04/26/16 – Submittals requested. Pre Const Mtg was held.
05/17/17 – Submittals approved. Equipment ordered.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Unit is on order and should arrive late July.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week, DK people approved for access but some JCI people not approved yet.
08/10/17 – TTC met Debra and Andy on site to discuss break down and reassembly of the Liebert unit in the data room today. Debra not a fan of breaking down the unit, we are exploring the option of taking out the window and
08/30/17 – We are going to order the door for the replacement of the single door. TTC to work out allowance with Debra.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Piping is ran to the unit. The scaffolding is coming down this week. Insulation appears to be installed as well. Outdoor unit is set. The interior door work is underway. KFI ran into a frame issue today and is having the frame modified for a Wednesday install. Once we get the double doors installed the Liebert should be rolled into the place the rest of the job can commence.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/25/18 – Project is complete and I believe final training is complete.  Final payapps are being delivered to Tony on Thursday.
08/01/18 – Project is complete and running as design; ready to archive.