Partner Lead : THP

02/15/12 – Bids received February 15, 2012. John P. Tumlin is the apparent low bidder. The bid was within budget. THP to review the bids and provide a letter of recommendation (if appropriate).

03/29/12 – County processing Tumlin contract.

05/30/12 – Project start date on hold until completion of Justice Center kitchen and use of parking lot by temporary kitchen. Tumlin scheduled to start work September 1 and submittals should begin to be arriving at THP. 2. The County has requested the drawings be updated to reflect changes in the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot. The sidewalk changes will impact the final parking count and slightly modify the perimeter of the parking lot. 3. THP and Tumlin working through submittals. 4. Anticipated work to start mid September.

09/02/12 – ThermalTech met with THP and County to discuss additional lights and cameras for project. ThermalTech to work with THP to get biddable document and charge to BW General Fund Number.

09/24/12 – Tumlin mobilized with fencing for phase I installed.

09/25/12 – Preconstruction meeting occurred. 3. 09/25/12 Tumlin plans to begin work on site the week of October 5.

10/05/12 – HC, THP, TTE and TJ Williams had a meeting to discuss additional lighting and security camera options for the project area. At the end of the meeting, pricing for the lighting and camera was requested.

10/22/12 – Tumlin provided proposals for the camera and lighting options.

10/22/12 – Tumlin provided a proposal for an asphalt overlay vs. a sealing repair option.

10/29/12 – Bert Watts approved the camera, lighting, and asphalt overlay options.

10/29/12 – THP directed TTE to complete electrical drawings reflecting the new work. Drawings will be used for permitting.

10/31/12 – Tumlin has submitted most items to-date. The fencing and line striping submittals are still in process.

11/19/12 – Change Order #1 executed. CO #1 adds asphalt overlay and deletes asphalt coating.

11/19/12 – Change Order #2 executed. CO #2 adds security cameras and lighting to the parking lot.

11/19/12 – Change Order #2 executed. CO #2 adds concrete curbing and adjusts the site fences.

01/30/13 – Project Updates: Phase 1 Trenching complete. Phase 1 Concrete and bollards complete. Phase 2 Concrete work 70% complete. North apron and entry only remaining work. Phase 1 & 2 Asphalt and line striping on hold until spring to allow for acceptable weather.

01/30/13 – Pay Application #1 approved.

02/26/13 – ThermalTech spoke with Andy at TJ Williams, and TJ is nearing completion of the installation. Waiting on inspections and Duke to energize panel at the booth.

02/19/13 – Pay Application #2 approved.

02/28/13 – Project Updates: Trenching complete. Concrete and bollards complete. Control equipment installed. Lighting Installed. Booth Installed. Asphalt overlay and fencing work on hold until weather is more conducive.

03/20/13 – Tumlin and THP had a meeting to review fencing posts. The fence subcontractor proposed a single post at the gate connecting both the chain link and architectural fencing. THP to review with the County on 3/28/13.

03/26/13 – Pay application #3 approved.

03/28/13 – Project Update – Per information on 3/20/13 meeting, Tumlin plans to begin asphalt work between mid-April to the May 1. Phase II will remain closed until all work is complete (asphalt, striping and fencing).

04/24/13 – Tumlin, the asphalt sub and THP met to confirm asphalt repair areas and discuss the project schedule.

04/25/13 – Project Update – Architectural fencing posts installed.

05/30/13 – Project Update – Asphalt, line striping and numbering complete. Fencing, final bollards and control equipment training to be complete by the end of the week. THP anticipates completing a punch review next week and final closeout paper work by the end of June.

06/27/13 – Project Update – Work complete except punch list. THP and Thermal Tech published list and Tumlin responding.

08/28/13 – PTZ camera on sallyport wall viewable but not controllable through Viconet software. Nor-Com not authorized Vicon distributor, and can not obtain drivers to make the Bosch camera talk to Viconet. TEI working directly with Vicon to attempt to resolve.

08/15/13 – Tumlin submitted initial paper work. THP reviewed and current package acceptable. Still waiting final submittal.
10/24/13 – Tumlin submitted change order for PTZ camera ($5,000 add). Hamilton County verbally approved.

10/30/13 – Hamilton County directed THP to process final change order for execution.

10/31/13 – THP issued final change order #4 (no cost).

10/31/13 – Tumlin waiting on subcontractor for final paper work.

01/30/14 – JM said they are down to one warranty item. BW said they have some issues to seal when it gets warmer.

03/18/14 – THP sent closeout paper work to Bert.

04/03/14 – Hamilton County, Tumlin, and THP met to discuss asphalt repair warranty issues. Repairs issues are minor and Tumlin will coordinate repairs with their subcontractor. THP publish an email to document the meeting.

05/17/14 – Tumlin completed all warranty work.