02/19/07 – TTC is approving and passing along all the closeout documents for this project. TTC is archiving this project today.

01/02/07 – TJ Williams submitted a letter expressing their extreme disappointment with the County not approving the Change Order for the extra work incurred during the Sallyport project. TTC forward to Mark Donnelly for the County to file with the records are address separately if they deem it necessary. PDF

12/26/06 – TTC archived the project today. Legacy has the smallest bit of paperwork to turn in on this project. Once Donnelly has that, this project is complete.

12/14/06 – Mark called today about closeout and Legacy reported: The guides at the justice center are painted. I am not sure the status on TJ Williams. Kenny is in a meeting until about 5. As soon as he gets in I will get an update and get you the information. I have been working on the close out documents and we are about 80% done. We still need to finalize the certified payroll from two of our sub-contractors.

12/04/06 – Close out meeting was held today. 3 items on punchlist were discussed. Pay App 01 was discussed. Legacy to provide a revised Payapp 01 with allowance shown. TTC signed payapp 01 for Mark D to use as soon as a revised schedule was provided by Legacy. Legacy provided one by email but TTC edited it and sent it back out to the contractor with 8% retainage per the project manual. TTC also sent Allowance Clarification 01 to the contractor for signing.

12/01/06 – TTC sent out formalized punchlist items today and reminded everyone about Monday’s meeting. PDF

11/20/06 – The project is complete. There are two punchlist items which remain: touch up paint on door frame and the control panel box that TJ damaged during construction. The doors are working, the fencing and hardware are all installed properly and TEI visited the site for a punchlist walk through. The TJ change order was denied but it was agreed that the allowance money could be used to pay for the extra expenses. TEI has asked for closeout documents on the whole job to wrap it up. We are having a closeout meeting on December 4, 2006 as a final meeting.

10/10/06 – The structures are installed the concrete is finished. We need to let it cure for about 2 days before we install the overhead doors. TJ Williams has some temporary power and control patches installed in the building that have to be replaced. Overhead door is supposed to bring down the doors on Friday of this week. TJ Williams has not started the change order work on the loop control. We are hoping they will do that this week when they come down to do the rest of the work ready on the project. Legacy has a new PM on the job. Ken has taken ill. Howard was able to get the new guy into the building for the concrete today. In a week or so we should have operation of the new doors. The Sheriff may re-stripe the parking lot and move the dumpster outside the scope of our job.

09/15/06 – Legacy contacted us today to report the steel has been ordered. 09/25 looks like a delivery date on that. The doors are in town and waiting to be installed. Legacy may be down next week to do some anchor work on the new structure and Howard confirms that all security cameras are still in operation after TJ Williams completed their partial demo. Saw cutting and more general work scheduled for mid week of next week.

09/04/06 – Change has left our office to the contractor. Project should move forward immediately. Contractor planning on being on site this week.

09/01/06 – Change Order for $3775 was approved today by Mark at meeting in his office. Sheriff will do demo of existing fencing. Legacy will sink new polls for fencing company. TTC approved stainless steel anchors for this project since galvanized were hard to order on time. TEI to write change order asap.

08/30/06 – Legacy reported an error in the change order pricing and a misunderstanding on ThermalTech’s email. New pricing was sent to TTC by fax today. TTC will forward the information to Mark Donnelly on this project for a decision.

08/29/06 – Change Order prices came back today as $1800 for fences with Sheriff demolition and $7195.00 if Legacy does everything on the job. TTC passed along to County. HS was checking with Sheriff’s for their willingness to still do their part.

08/24/06 – Today we approved the electrical submittals and asked for an immediate change order cost for the new door location on this project from Legacy. We have been waiting at least one week for this amount.

08/16/06 – We have had two kickoff meetings for construction. The first issue was the location of the new doors. The Sheriff has now put forth an edict that the busses that enter the site should be closed between the doors. This was not the case during the original design. TEI has issued a change order to collect costing information for this change order. It shouldn’t be too much money as the a lot of the scope is already included. The Sheriff is willing to provide additional demolition of the existing fencing to make this work and Howard stated that the existing dumpster fencing must remain as is, TEI said that is fine. TTC called Ken Jones today and found out that the CO cost is not ready yet and the security checks have not been sent in yet. TTC advised Legacy to move forward immediately with providing this information and the job is ready to begin. Spencer approved the submittals on his and TEI will distribute them as approved to the vendors.

07/25/06 – We received today that the contract was approved. Pre Construction meeting scheduled for 08/02 at 2pm. TEI to contact Legacy Construction for meeting.

06/19/06 – TEI revised the contract and mailed 3 originals to Mark Donnelly for submission for approval. After approval we will convene a kickoff meeting for the owner and contractor.

06/01/06 – Contract was submitted to prosecutor for review.

05/25/06 – Contract was written for Legacy and mailed to Mark for approval.

05/23/06 – Bidding is complete. Addendums were issued. Bid were opening on schedule. TEI drafted our first contract and will give it to Mark for submissions to the prosecutor department. We luckily increased the project budget because the job came in over the estimate but within the 10% margin but still under the actual Archibus estimate.

04/11/06 – Final Client Review sent was sent to Howard and Mark including the work from CRA and THP. There are still some issues to resolve before bid issuance. Mark and Terry increased the budget to $80,000 to cover the additional work added to the job by a more extensive structural drawing set and permits being added back the project. Security Cameras and lights had to be moved to allow for new overhead door placement on project. TTC coordinate with Howard Seal on this point. TEI located the South camera and light on the dwgs and in talking with the Howard the North camera and light were also located on the plans accordingly. County comments are due back on Friday. Final set is due to Purchasing on Monday morning.

04/05/06 – A second design meeting lead to some changes in the door placement. TEI developed a new drawing showing the perpendicular arrangements of the new overhead doors and modified the drawings notes accordingly. Power will be brought from existing connections. The razor wire will be removed and replaced by the contractor. The north door shall be the first to be replaced. The old sliding gates will be completely removed from the job. TEI added special notes to allow other manufacturer’s to be submitted on but they must be approved before bid day by the engineer. The specs were updated and the ITB number and dates have been acquired. A review packages was sent to the team for initial review.

03/21/06 – TTC and Mike Haney spoke today about the project’s structural requirements and THP had some great ideas. Since these are overhead doors they can be turned perpendicular to the building and only be 15 ft wide thus making the doors smaller and the support steel smaller. This sounds like a great idea. TEI will approach the owner about this condition.

03/16/06 – Design meeting schedule on site. Sheriff has approved type of door that we will use for this project. Now we just have to finish the structural design and bid the project out.

02/10/06 – TEI release a review set for comments to the County for this project. TTC still has to discuss product with overhead door and finalize ITB. We have not requested an official ITB from purchasing yet.

02/08/06 – TEI and CR met on site with Howard and Tony and reviewed scope of work.