12/07/07 – CRA left message with Steve Jones regarding project status.

09/28/07 – CRA approved door shop drawings and sent to Southern Ohio Door. Next meeting to be held prior to start of construction.

09/18/07 – Pre-construction meeting was held. Notice to Proceed issued at pre-construction meeting.

09/04/07 – Signed contract received.

07/26/07 – CRA received minor comments back from Prosecutor. Contracts revised and sent.

06/21/07 – Bids received. CRA directed to accept and issue contracts.

05/29/07 – CRA reissued documents.

05/23/07 – Bids came in higher than estimated. Directed to raise the estimate to $85,000 and re-bid.

02/20/07 – Kick-off meeting was held at 9am in the Courthouse Room B-103. The possibility of installing remote lock down security revolving doors in the south building was discussed.

01/30/07 – CRA received the approved SOSS.

01/16/07 – CRA SOSS was authored and delivered.