09/04/18 – Pulled the original Trace Calc to show we are using 11.5 tons of a 20 ton chiller, this chiller can do more work.
09/21/18 Met Andy and took off all fieldwork in the Room #120 area tracking down the piping and ductwork associated with the new fan coil units for the 20-ton system and the single zone system.  The fieldwork showed us that there are more FCU’s than in the original PO with Motz and these are connected to the 20-ton chiller unit.  TEI is certain the old ductwork and diffusers are still in place providing ventilation to the space and the new FCU were added for additional space conditioning.  We will update the load calculation and look at expanding this system into the Employee Services area across the hall with additional FCU’s.  Bill this to the AKM General Service number.
10/22/18 – Sent Tony and Andy a full schematic design and cost estimate for Room #120 expansion and replacement project using the existing chiller.  Raw cost was about $58k and about full cost including engineering and permitting was about $90k.
11/29/18 – No updates this month.
12/31/18 – No updates this month.
01/22/19 – No updates this month, TTC has decided to archive for now.
03/08/19 – Andy contacted Terry about report and TTC reissued email to Andy and Tony with cost and floor plans.