08/17/11 – TTC conducted a phone interview with JB Schmitt and Dalmatian. He went over the details of the project, timelines, permitting, scope of work, contractor assignments, background checks and proposed contract. TTC felt Dalmatian really understood the project best because it is mostly a clean agent system. JB Schmitt had some trouble remembering what all their sub-contractors were supposed to be responsible for on this job but they said regardless of that whatever was on the drawings was covered in their bid. Subcontractor work will include: GC – patching all the walls and clipping down the ceilings. Agreement was made that no permit is required on this job. Fire – Dalmatian will get their fire permit ASAP after contract PO is given to JB. They are providing the clean agent system and all the ancillary equip.

Elec – Had to power up the FPC panel and provide Fire Alarm interface and shutdown for CRAC unit and power to the mech for dampers. This has to be permitted too. Mech – HVAC dampers and installation. No permit for HVAC work, too minor. TTC recommends to proceed with the contract knowing to discuss the coordination at greater length at the pre const meeting where we can request the full project team to join us for the kickoff meeting or do that at the first const meeting where we can discuss the schedule with the tenants. All work during normal work hours was agreed to. Schedule is contract and PO by mid-October or so. Construction to begin in mid-November. Project complete be end of year.

08/18/11 – Contract for JB Schmitt was written and sent to Bert Watts for review and approval.

08/25/11 – Contract has been created for JB Schmitt. Ready for review and processing.

09/20/11 – BW has approved the contracts for this project. All background checks will need to be obtained and forwarded on to Bert. They will then need to be approved to work on the sites before the project starts up. BW notes the equipment in the data room is very sensitive.

02/22/12 – Inspection complete and approved by city. Ready to closeout project. TEI to request closeout.

03/28/12 – As-builts received and TEI to approve next week and send to Bert.

04/16/12 – Closeout O&M approved by Terry Cannon. As-Builts completed by Ryan Jacimine. All documents should be to HamCo on Tuesday 04/17.

04/17/12 -TTC e-mailed Tom at JB Schmidt that O&M’s were approved and he sent electronic As-Builts to the County. He is also approving Payapp #1 for $39,330.00 and the paperwork is done. There was a $2,500.00 allowance on this project which was billed for in Payapp #2. There is no supporting documents for that allowance usage. TTC asked Tom to send over an official request for those monies or if not used then a deduct change order can be written for that amount. The 3S O&M’s are fantastic, but they reference that no building fire alarm work was included in this O&M manual which is odd. TTC asked if Tom could get with Biederman and find out if there is an as-built programming drawing or reference sheet we need to pick up the new fire alarm point on the fire alarm system so TTC can at least include a one page in this O&M so someone at the County knows what module that is landed on.

04/17/12 – TTC sent electronic as-builts to Bert Watts and will drop off the O&M’s in the morning.

06/25/12 – TTC approved final payapp and sent to Bert. This should be the final documents required.