01/08/16 – Met with Merkt on site to kickoff new AC unit in UPS room.
01/26/16 – Discussed scope of work with Tony and Joe over email today. Requested quote from Ray Weyman on Mitsubishi split at 4 tons for this room. This work may be a change to existing elevator work for cooling with Debra or owner will self-perform this work.
02/08/16 – The 4-ton unit only comes in a heat pump option but that heating can be locked out to provide cooling only. The 3-ton unit is a single wall unit with a single condensing unit. The 3.5 ton unit is ceiling cassette with a 3.5 ton condenser.
05/18/16 – Tony requested new SOSS for this work.
06/23/16 – ThermalTech was onsite performing fieldwork for equipment layout for about 3 hours today. We tracked down equipment locations for the Liebert and Mitsubishi Units and possible power sources for both.
07/18/16 – Phone conference today between Cannon, Merkt, Denton and Matre has decided to use an inline DX coil for HV-9 to cool this space similar to the work we are doing in the elevator room upstairs for additional cooling when the CHW plant is down. ThermalTech will modify the design.
07/20/16 – TTC on site for more fieldwork and duct measurements for new coil design.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/27/16 – We changed the design of the switchgear room AC to a coil and condenser unit and started requesting new cuts from Carrier. We are updating the plans now. The Data Room AC unit was changed for low supply and top return and we will try to collect the hot aisle air with a return duct above the data racks.
08/03/16 – Some progress made on design. Cad files received from Liebert this week, we are updating outdoor equipment.
08/25/16 – Design will be complete and ready for bidding in mid September for both phases.
09/01/16 – Review drawings due Sept 16.
09/23/16 – Project set to bid on 9/29/16. Prebid Oct 6, Bid opening Oct 20.
09/28/16 – Project is issued for bidding. Switchgear AC unit is the base bid. Liebert Unit and Medical Unit are Alternate bids.
11/10/16 – Contracts are written and sent to Tony.
12/09/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/21/17 – Submittals are in for approval. We are definitely having some trouble finding the medical valves but Peck is working with us to find them.
03/09/17 – TTC to finish submittals this week.
03/21/17 – Submittals are marked up and ready to go back to Debra.
05/17/17 – Submittals returned, equipment ordered, waiting for DK to get started.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Equipment is ordered and en-route. We have agreed to use a ceiling mounted cassette on this project. DK submitted a change order allowance usage for this work.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week per Debra Kuempel.
08/10/17 – Coil is installed downstairs in UPS room. Medical unit is installed upstairs.
08/30/17 – Work is progressing well, Cassette is installed upstairs. Coil is installed downstairs, balance report is short on airflow from existing unit.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Debra reports that most work is complete. TTC checking on progress on the electric and controls portion of the job.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/26/18 – Purchase order came out this week.  ThermalTech agreed to perform the airflow readings for Debra and will share the results with the team.  Then we will setup that conference call to discuss the results and proposed upgrades with the new motor.
08/01/18 – New motor is installed.  Balance report shared by DK, commented on by TTE and send to County.  Project is complete and DX unit is working well so far.  Project is ready to archive.
09/04/18 – Systems are working well per Facilities.  Project should be ready to archive.
10/25/18 – TTC delivered O&M’s to Tony Matre for closeout at Thursday Partner Meeting.  The final permit is not approved and closed yet on the City website, TEI email Debra instructing them to close it out ASAP.
11/29/18 – The electrical permit is ready for DK to get the final inspection for closeout on this job.
01/10/19 – Final inspection appears to still have issues according to the website. TTC contacted Debra Kuempel to resolve. 9070-FINAL INSPECTION 11/26/2018 Defective (14X) Defective: 1. Label unit on roof. 110.22 2. Accurate panel schedule. 408.4 3. Bonding bushing on 480V. 250.97.
01/22/19 – According to DK the inspections are complete and they will send in all final paperwork ASAP for closeout.