09/18/05 – The city has approved the whole permit. This job is complete.

07/22/05 – Steve Ossege called and said the City does not know of any approved independently support handrail system that meets code. He will however approve the platform arrangement discussed on site.

07/18/05 – Ed Enderle of DK called today and quoted $2450 to build a platform and railing for the Task Force Unit. TTC asked them to look into temporary handrails that were eluded to by Steve Ossege. More information to follow.

06/27/05 – TTC and DK have been working on getting the permit issued and closed for a week. Amit Gosh called and verbally told me that he was signing off on the permit today. TTC relayed this information to DK for finalization.

03/24/05 – JCI reported that wiring and status condition has been wired from Task Force unit to DDC. Programming is complete and task is complete.

03/22/05 – DK delivered the final payapp today along with all the final paperwork. TTC will sign and send to Diedra in the Sheriff’s Dept for project completion.

02/24/05 – Debra Kuempel (DK) deliver payapp #2 today. It was approved by TE. All final paperwork should be complete next week.

02/22/05 – DK stated that all final paperwork was sent over last week to TE. TE is going to finalize and send to Diedra Burns this week.

01/25/05 – TE contacted Ed Enderle as all work is complete and signed. TE request final paperwork and signed punchlist!

01/24/05 – TEI called DK and spoke to Michelle Combs in regards to when we may expect Pay Application #2 and final documents. Michelle was not aware that the project was finished and said that she would check with DK personnel and will call back, I told her that Ed Enderle may be of assistance.

12/15/04 – Debra-Kuempel Pay Application #1 not found at Hamilton County. Transmittal and ThermalTech records indicates that the application was mailed September 24, 2004. Doris called and left a voice message for Michelle Combs informing her that the application was lost and asking her to resubmit an original application.

10/12/04 – DK has finished project. The allowance has been used to get a new power source for the computer room unit that doesn’t shutdown the UPS system. TE has instructed DK to finalize paperwork and punchlist to complete this project. Howard reports that things are working okay to date (4 days runtime at this point)

09/29/04 – TE emailed DK for an update and schedule.

09/23/04 – TE directed Debra-Kuempel to redo their Change Order/Allowance price to re-use the existing MCC starter that use to be for a now abandoned pump to the get the cost under $5000 so we can use the allowance money without writing a change order for this project. We have $5000 in allowance money to use towards re-doing the power to the computer room unit. Once this is complete all work on this project and the punchlist items should be taken care of at the same time. Look for completion by September 30, 2004. The will coordinate all field visits with Howard Seal before starting on site.

TE has to finalize power change work with Debra Kuempel.

TE has distributed punchlist.

Compressor short cycling has been eliminated by utilizing the hot gas bypass feature to change the performance of the system.

TE to work on a new power source must be found and the unit hooked to emergency power panel instead of the current UPS connection.