Partner Lead: TEI

01/30/13 – Project issued for bids, bids received and opened, Queen City Electric is low Bid. Waiting for Purchase order and signed contracts to conduct pre-construction meeting and give notice to proceed.

02/26/13 – ThermalTech, facilities, and QCE had pre-construction meeting on 02/22/13. QCE to supply list of employees to AKM for BGC verification. QCE sent ThermalTech a pencil copy of the Schedule of values to review. ThermalTech also reviewing the UPS submittals for release.

03/27/13 – Product submittals reviewed and approved. QCE to schedule replacement pending delivery of equipment.

04/24/13 – ThermalTech Contact QCE – requested that they send in the names of all working on project and the site specific safety plan for the project. QCE to send in schedule for work based upon days after delivery of equipment.

06/26/13 – South tower UPS (80 KW) load bank test had (2) failed attempts. first the trucking company did not deliver the equipment to site. Second, the load bank that Eaton brought to the facility for the load bank test did not work. Third test was successful, except QCE tripped 400 amp fuses in switchboard. AKM to send ThermalTech costs accrued by HamCo for 2 failed attempts and fuses to for back charge.

08/27/13 – Both UPS systems are installed. Both are on line. QCE to have final inspections and provide punch list and then closeout.

08/28/13 – Barth brought up at the Partner meeting the panel location coordination between the new UPS and Heat Pump Water heaters and egress issues between the two. We will see when the inspectors inspect this installation.

10/31/13 – Project was final inspected on 8/28. TEI to do final punchlist soon. Don’t closeout without getting certified payroll from contractor.

02/25/14 – TEI contacted QCE to discuss punchlist and remainder of closeout materials necessary to close out project. TEI scheduling punchlist (tentative date = 03/05/14) with Joe Merkt.

04/22/14 – TEI conducted punchlist visit while on site for Ameresco Arc Flash project field work. Punch list to be issued by the end of the week.

05/28/14 – TEI received final pay requests from QCE, and O&M manuals. TEI to review for completeness and forward to AKM upon reciept of approved COs.

06/25/14 – TEI received approved CO’s. Upon receipt of close out documents, TEI will process documentation for project closeout.

07/30/14 – TEI received all closeout documents EXCEPT warranty. TEI contacted QCE and upon receipt of warranty, will process final closeout documents.

08/25/14 – TEI receives at the end of the week of 08/18/14 the warrantee – dated valid from 07/17/13 through 07/16/14. MB contacts AKM to see if this is acceptable to HamCo. TEI contacted QCE to question if this was a “Typo”? TEI to process final pay application and closeout documents per AKM.

09/24/14 – Project Complete. Ready to Archive. Bert to send CAD files for Archibus update. TEI to update and send back.