Partner Lead: GBBN

01/14/14 – John Nester contacts GBBN about a Kick-off Meeting to discuss the fallen panel in the Lobby.

01/15/14 – Kick-off Meeting held with Tony Matre, John Nester and Joe Merkt. It was decided to approach the issue with two possible solutions, remove and patch the walls or to restore the murals..

01/15/14 – GBBN makes email contact with Stephen Knapp the original artist and installer. Stephen indicated he would search his files for past documentation.

02/03/14 – GBBN and John Nester meet with Kramer Feldman Inc and Joe Merkt to discuss having KFI generate a proposal for both options, removal and restoration.

02/07/14 – Kramer Feldman Inc submits the proposal for both options to GBBN. GBBN forwards on to John Nester and Bert Watts.

02/11/14 – Bert Watts requests a SOSS for the solicitation of three proposals from selected vendors to perform the required work.

02/12/14 – GBBN submits the SOSS to Bert Watts.

02/25/14 – GBBN sends an email with the mural sizes and composition to Bert Watts for discussion with Artworks as a possible restoration source.

06/26/14 – Project on Hold.

09/26/14 – Bert said he has received comments on the mural and will send out a package to get mural updated.