07/11/19 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to County.
08/21/19 – County Issues SOSS and PO to ThermalTech for Work.
10/21/19 – Project Issued for Bid.
10/28/19 – Prebid is held for project.
12/12/19 – Project is in for contract and approval. County reported contract is with the vendor awaiting signature.
01/17/20 – Pre Const Mtg was held and project notes distributed. Submittals and schedules requested.
02/24/20 – Geiler started putting submittals together but we have not seen the schedule or SOV yet for this project. TTC to check in with Geiler on Schedule. The Water Heater submittals look great.
03/23/20 – Permit drawings sent to Geiler for permitting. Geiler says deliveries are running slow due to governments shutdown, getting updated delivery for this project.
04/27/20 – TTC working with StreamKey on new PK-4 heater because a discrepancy was found between the size that the original engineer had for this HTX and what the factory gave us last year when checked. The steam control pieces can be return for closer equipment. TTC to discuss with Tony.
05/25/20 – Due to a HTX failure on PK-2 the new PK heater was installed in place of PK-2 this month and is up and running (so PK-1 was installed in the PK-2 position). Which is okay because they are the same heaters. The mall gasket leak on PK-1 that can now be fixed at the County’s leisure. The new steam control valve for PK-4 is in stock and will be getting replaced shortly by Geiler. The PK-4 shell is already installed but not operational at this time PK-5 must continue to cover the load. The steam control valve upgrade for PK-7 is complete.
06/23/20 – Geiler finished the insulation last week on the final unit. All system seem to be up and running well. When the buiding reopens to TEI, we can do a final Punchlist. Reports from the bldg staff are good.
07/29/20- Approved all but final of Geiler payapps for this work. TTE awaits access to the building for the punchlist work.
08/26/20 – Punchlist for heaters needs to be distributed. TTC using Coty Groeschen field trip for writing the JC Water Heater Punchlist. I will try to get this out this week.
09/18/20 – Project is complete, ready to archive.