by Champlin Champlin

06/17/19 – County requests  JFS Internal Door Replacement Project Scoping Meeting
07/02/19 – Meeting with Facilities  (Tony Matre, Steve Sears, Cloude Toulson, Bert, Kru and Jeff)
07/11/19 – Champlin submits SOSS
09/11/19 – Champlin received approved SOSS and PO.
09/13/19 – Champlin performs site visit to verify all office door locations to be included.

10/28/19 – Champlin performs site visit with Hardware Consultant to confirm door hardware.  Hardware consulting on going.

12/10/19 – Bid set sent to county

1/7/20 – Addendum #1 sent to County

1/16/20 – 5 bids were submitted to County.

1/22/20 – Champlin met with Megen Construction.

1/27/20 – Champlin sent official recommendation to award bid to Megen Construction.

03/26/20 – Waiting on official Contract to be given to Megen to return their door submittal