12/29/16 – TTC sent options into County on this sink, location and plumbing.  We are awaiting additional direction from owner.
01/26/17 – Bert said that estimate was sent to Kevin Horn for approval on this job to become a project.  This could get started next month.
03/09/17 – No updates, on hold for now.
04//26/16 – No updates to project.
06/19/17 – SOSS approved and TEI to meeting with County on kicking off this project.
07/24/17- Drawings are issued for Review tomorrow.  TEI requested Permit cost form QCM.
08/30/17 – QCM has submitted permit drawings for the sink.  We are awaiting the permit # to share with the County.
09/25/17 – ThermalTech has picked up permit drawings and permit and sent to John Nester for owner use.  A hard copy set of dwgs was delivered to the owner last week with equipment selections.  TEI stands ready to assist as needed during construction.
10/24/17 – Permit is issued and work should be underway.  TEI stated that HCDF can purchase an equal sink from a local vendor for this work and that should be fine.
11/28/17 – County has started the project.  DK has been contacted for coredrilling.
11/30/17 – Work has begun on this work and the pilot holes have been drilled.
02/22/18 – Project complete and ready to archive.