07/25/17 – GBBN meets with Facilities, and the Sheriff’s Department, to discuss scope and walk through spaces to be considered for this project.  The 3rd Floor North, 3rd Floor South and the Courthouse 7th Floor East are to be considered as potential locations for the Recovery Unit in the Study.
08/11/17 – THP issued SOSS for structural and building envelope support services for review of new windows in recovery unit study.
08/12/17 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
08/28/17 – Approved SOSS delivered to GBBN.
09/22/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet with Sheriff’s Department to discuss Study in greater detail.  GBBN issues Meeting Meetings and sends to Facilities.  Facilities confirms accuracy of Meeting Minutes and approves them for circulation to TEI.  THP contacts GBBN to confirm THP was original structural engineer for the JCC project and has original drawing set.
09/25/17 – GBBN send meeting notes and follow up plumbing and HVAC design inquiries to ThermalTech.
09/25/17 – THP communicates knowledge of existing building structure and floor slab construction to GBBN.  GBBN circulates structural and proposed restroom block concept design to TEI.
09/25/17 – GBBN sent and email to THP concerning JCC structural conditions and possible modifications requested by the County. THP responded the same day.

10/19/17 – GBBN finishes Architectural estimating input into Archibus Project Request module.

10/26/17 – GBBN and Facilities to meet with Sheriff’s Committee to review plan layout options.

10/31/17 – GBBN attends walk-through meeting with Sheriff’s Committee.  Existing spaces in JCC Third Floor and Courthouse JAX spaces on 6th floor are reviewed and photographed.

11/10/17 – Archibus Project Requests input is completed by TEI and GBBN for both options.