10/19/17 – GBBN contacted by Administration to conduct a Study.
10/20/17 – GBBN responds related to information already known and to inquire more about scope.
10/24/17 – GBBN sends preliminary schematic design sketches on applicable spaces within JCC that may be considered in the Study.
09/25/17 – Facilities visits site and confirms back to GBBN and Administration which areas, proposed by GBBN, are valid and which are not. Discussions with ThermalTech, concerning capacity and operations of existing mechanical system, are related to Administration. Facilities echoes TEI concerns about increasing occupant load inside existing buildings.
10/25/17 – GBBN sends final inmate occupant counts, for the dormitory style option, related to schematic designs, to Administration. GBBN instructed to await approval from the Administrator about proceeding into Phase II (detailed Opinion of Probable Cost).
10/31/17 – GBBN attends walk-through meeting with Sheriff’s Committee. Existing spaces in JCC Third Floor and Courthouse JAX spaces on 6th floor are reviewed and photographed.
11/10/17 – GBBN attends meeting with Public Defender Office to discuss status and deliverables.
11/13/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet to discuss all various projects and status.
11/20/17 – GBBN meets with Administration to discuss strategy for grant application submission.
11/21/17 – GBBN meets with Sheriff’s Committee to discuss applications for Administration Space Layouts and possible intended uses.
11/21/17 – GBBN submits completed design sketches, Inmate Counts (Dorm and Closed Cell) for all potential spaces and input from Sheriff’s Committee meeting to Administration.
02/22/18 – Drawings sent to County and forwarded to State for review.

03/26/18 – GBBN attends HCJC Space Augmentation Project Meeting.