Partner Lead: THP

11/17/16 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.

01/09/17 – THP provided SOSS.

01/20/17 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.

02/22/17 – JC Platforms THP to meet with building operators in the afternoon for first design meeting.

03/10/17 – THP provided review drawings to the County.

04/19/17 – THP, Facilities staff, and Sheriff staff met to discuss final bid documents and construction/security requirements.

04/27/17 – Bid documents schedule to be published week of May 1st.

05/02/17 – Bid documents published.

05/08/17 – Prebid meeting occurred.

05/19/17 – No bid questions received for JC platforms.

05/22/17 – Addendum 01 for JC platforms (pre-bid mtg minutes only) issued.

05/25/17 – Bid opening schedule for June 1.

06/01/17 – JC bid opening. SSRG is low bidder at $66,170.00.

06/06/17 – THP recommends SSRG to county for JC platform job.

06/26/17 – JC Platforms waiting on SSRG to send in revised forms for contract completion with the county.

07/25/17 – J Nester requests additional contract information from SSRG. SSRG Answered yesterday. Waiting for county to finalize contract.

08/25/17 – SSRG to provide schedule. SSRG plans to visit the site to verify dimensions and complete beam scanning. The project team plans to have the pre-construction meeting with building personnel at time of visit.

09/21/17 – Pre-Construction Meeting onsite.

09/22/17 – Stamped set sent to SSRG for permit.

09/25/17 – Special inspections report sent to SSRG for permitting.

09/28/17 – Terracon scheduled (by SSRG) to scan beams for tendons.

09/26/17 – Steel shop drawings submitted. THP in coordination with fabricator.

10/18/17 – Permit drawing changes sent to HGC. Waiting on news of permit status

10/19/17 – Second round of steel shop drawings submitted and comments returned.

10/20/17 – THP Discussed shop drawings with HGC. Attempted to reach Neiheisel on behalf of HGC. No answer.

11/22/17 – HGC completed installation of frames and demobilized. THP visit the site and published field report.

11/29/17 – THP plans to review final installation with HGC.