10/28/10 – DK sent final paperwork in for approval yesterday.

09/29/10 – Last 2 change orders were sent to Debra for closeout per Tony’s direction.

08/13/10 – All contractors reported for work. Cintas is compete. DK is complete. QCE did not finish yet. Final fire alarm test will be schedule after QCE is finished.

07/28/10 – DK finished change order work last evening. TTC check it over and was on site. All but one nozzle is working properly. We need a final approval from Howard before testing with City Friday.

07/23/10 – TTC told DK they needed to be done next week with their work. Rick returns Monday for verification. Nozzles have been replaced but 3 still need fixed. TTC will try to have DK fix these when they fix the rest of the equipment on the rinse cycle.

05/20/10 – Sent Tony and Howard final change orders with prices from Debra for wrap up. Awaiting approval.

05/12/10 – Met Debra today on final change order prices. We don’t have everything we need. I will contact Tony with questions on scope of work and change order cost. Terry sent a proposal to Tony and Howard for comment.

04/26/10 – DK sent changes orders for final repair cost to extra items such as the rinse cycle piping and solenoid. TTC and TM to decide next course of action.

03/23/10 – DK reported a list of problems with the Aqua Vent operation. TTC answered several of these answers and asked the County for direction on several others. DK also asked for a sequence of the original Aqua Vents but we don’t have that.

02/24/10 – DK coordinated final work with Howard to be this week and next.

02/03/10 – DK scheduled control panel installation on 02/22/10 when Howard returns. The owner accepted one change order and rejected the extra electrical work change order. DK has not responded to the TEI email about the change orders.

01/26/10 – Aqua vents assemblies have been rebuilt at Debra Kuempel. Control panel parts have been upgraded at DK. Change orders have been submitted for new valves and shock arrestors. We have approved this work. The change order for extra electrical time has not been approved by Tony.

12/31/09 – Rick Kuethe reports the solenoid valves are in and DK will start next week provided their men are approved and Howard Seal gives him the okay to start working.