09/01/06 – TTC worked out final billing details with Bridgette today by phone. DK is sending over final invoices for payment. TTC sent out the change order for the job to Steve V.

09/01/06 – Tony approved the $1597 change order by phone today. TTC to advise DK to wrap up the project.

08/30/06 – Steve and Terry finalized the number required on the final payapps. Laurie is typing up the final change order for the project. TTC has to coordinate the change order payment with Tony Matre.

08/29/06 – TTC reviewed the final pay application by Debra Kuempel. Change orders amount were added to the contract amounts and this is not correct so TTC has to contact DK to figure out the correct billing method.

08/24/06 – Al Bell reported that the high pressure sensor was re-ordered and will be installed very soon.

06/26/06 – Howard reported that DK will be onsite tonight and begin the work on the final changes to the job. JCI and DK have not been in contact with each other yet on the new sensor.

06/06/06 – TTC contacted both JCI and DK again about progress. JCI came in last week but needed a different part to make it work. DK is supposed to be down this week but TTC will find out more details from Steve Vater and let everyone know. As of Monday, Howard had not heard from DK about coming back.

05/23/06 – TTC emailed both Debra Kuempel and Johnson Controls to try to get them scheduled to finish this project up. TEI will pay the JCI cost to the job and DK will bill towards the allowance to wrap this up.

04/03/0 – DK is going to be on site the week of 04/10 to finish up the boiler work. JC asked for insulation on chilled water system to prevent condensation. TTC relayed this information to Steve Vater and asked DK to coordinate their time and visits directly with Howard Seal.

03/24/06 – DK has not been on site doing any work. They may wait until it gets warmer outside to make the boiler changeover work. The chiller scope is to b nearly 100% complete.

02/23/06 – TTC visited the site today with the contractor and Howard. TTC wants to remove a check valve from the main steam supply from the courthouse because the pressure drop will be to great to keep this device in line. An existing chain operated gate valve on boiler #3 will suffice in place of the one noted on note #3 on the dwg. The non-return valve can come out as planned. At this temperature outside the steam plant from the courthouse can’t be shutdown until 7pm and it must be back online at 3am. DK will have to coordinate this with Howard and the CH staff.

02/22/06 – We approved this allowance usage today:*Install (2) 3″x21/2″ weld reducer on new 3″ pump condensate piping at tie-in point to existing piping. Existing pump condensate piping is 21/2″ in size. Debra-Kuempel quoted total cost for the work outlined above is $261.00

01/17/06 – TTC held the pre construction meeting today and distributed the meeting notes. The boiler project will start 03/15/06 and last for 60 days. The chiller project will begin immediately and last for 60 days.

01/10/06 – Pre Const Mtg scheduled for 01/17. Everyone has confirmed for meeting.

11/08/05 – Tony gave TE the okay to type the contract for Debra Kuempel on this job. We are taking the base bid and $2000 Allowance.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below.

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held with all contractors. Bids due Friday to TE.

10/24/05 – TTC & SRB visited the site to pickup some last minute details about returning condensate the DA system when the Justice Center is on its own steam. Drawings are complete up to TTC’s review. Prebid is set for this Friday.

10/14/05 – TTC promised final design complete on Wed 10/19.

10/03/05 – Final design is being complete. Job is ready to bid out for small projects.

08/23/05 – TTC visited the site and found that bypass valve is already in place so that piping work does not need to be done. At this point there are a couple of viable options: 1) put in a new valve near the jc side of the bridge or automate an existing pneumatic valve in the courthouse. TTC sent an email to Tony, Howard and Mike looking to explore our options.