09/01/06 – TTC worked out final billing details with Bridgette today by phone. DK is sending over final invoices for payment.

08/30/06 – Steve and Terry finalized the number required on the final payapps. Laurie is typing up the final change order for the project. TTC has to coordinate the change order payment with Tony Matre.

08/29/06 – TTC reviewed the final pay application by Debra Kuempel. Change orders amount were added to the contract amounts and this is not correct so TTC has to contact DK to figure out the correct billing method.

04/03/06 – JC asked DK to insulated the chilled water lines to prevent pooling under the chillers.

03/24/06 – DK has not been on site doing any work. They may wait until it gets warmer outside to make the boiler changeover work. The chiller scope is nearly 100% complete.

02/23/06 – TTC was on site today to look over chiller project. New 12″ mains look great and are installed and cored drilled and anchored.

02/22/06 – We approved some small allowance work today described as: *Cut (2) 11/2″ nipples off existing thred-o-lets on Chilled Water Supply and Return piping. Weld on B/W caps on to existing thred-o-lets to cap lines off. *Install 2″ thred-o-lets with ball valves and caps at the bottom of 12″ Chilled Water Riser for drains on both supply and return piping. Total cost for the work outlined above is $642.00

02/16/06 – Howard asked about replacing valves if they don’t hold and about removing a 1-1/2″ nipple in piping when drained down. These are two agenda items for Friday Const Mtg.

02/10/06 – TTC release this email after talking to Howard this morning:

Steve, When you go to the drain the Chiller plant at the JC, it was our belief in the bid documents that the butterfly valves near the chiller will hold the water in the system and prevent a complete drain down of the mechanical plant. If this turns out not to be the case and we have to drain down the entire building, there is a concern about who is replacing the nitrate in the CHW. It is my belief that this is a condition that will be covered by the allowance we have on this project if it proves necessary. I don’t foresee this being more than $500 or so if in fact we need this. Please let me know how the valves hold next week when you begin to tie into the existing system. If you have any questions, please let me know. thx, ttc

02/02/06 – TTC contacted DK about working on the chiller project and they said they would get started.

01/17/06 – TTC held the pre construction meeting today and distributed the meeting notes. The boiler project will start 03/15/06 and last for 60 days. The chiller project will begin immediately and last for 60 days.

01/10/06 – Pre Const Mtg scheduled for 01/17. Everyone has confirmed for meeting.

12/13/05 – Contracts were returned for corrections. TE corrected, printed and returned to the County for submission to the commissioners.

11/08/05 – Tony gave TE the okay to type the contract for Debra Kuempel on this job. We are taking the base bid and $2000 Allowance.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below.

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held with all contractors. Bids due Friday to TE.

10/24/05 – Drawings are complete up to TTC’s review. Prebid is set for this Friday.

10/14/05 – TTC promised final design complete on Wed 10/19.

10/03/05 – Tony approved our recommendations and we are going with the plan to put in the chilled water tie

09/29/05 – TE recommended to the County that no electrical xfer switches be included in the temporary job because the expense of putting in electric switches just isn’t cost effective to providing emergency generators on site at the time it is needed. Feeding the chillers is problematic. TE will bid the mechanical work out as a small project.

09/27/05 – TE pulled all the old designs from the archive and setup the new project. Electrical is a big issue as this will put the project over $25,000 unless we use generators.